Who needs math when you’re “crafty?”

Is a ring that has a 4.8mm diameter and is 1.2mm thick equal to a ring with a diameter of 7.1mm with a thickness of 1.6mm? And if they are does that mean that you can switch out rings that are 8.0mm with a diameter of 1.6mm for rings with a diameter of 9.5mm and a thickness of 1.6mm? The above paragraph probably gives you flashbacks to the math class and word problems, right? Except this isn’t actually a word problem. It’s the type of mathematical wrangling that’s involved when making chainmaille jewelry. That’s right, making jewelry involves mathematical computations. Jewelry isn’t the only thing. Lots of things that women often do, things that men like to call women’s “crafty” things often involve complicated math. The problem? Crafts aren’t where you would think to find complicated mathematical equations so both men and women often dismiss it, perpetuating the cycle of “girls hate math.” […]

Hugo, Well Worth a View…

Visiting my dad this week.  I get my love of movies from him, so it’s a given that we’ll go see a movie any time I come to visit.  My suggestion was the new Sherlock Holmes, but when we got to the theatre it didn’t start for another hour.  Hugo, on the other hand, […]


Q: What is GeekaChicas? A: GeekaChicas is a website specifically for that rarest of all internet creatures, the female geek.   Q: Who are the GeekaChicas writers?  A: If the partly fictitious bios on the About Us page didn’t satisfy your curiosity, let me just […]

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