In further girl-positive entertainment news…

 Trailers from Pixar’s Brave (plus a rather slight article) and Lionsgate’s The Hunger Games.   

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 What’s Halloween without a treat?    Written but not directed by Hayao Miyazaki, The Secret World of Arrietty is out Feb. 17 2012.  It’s based on Mary Norton’s book The Borrowers.  And there was much rejoicing. *Kermit flail*   

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Girl Media / Boy Media (or, The My Little Brony That Could)

 I always knew that nostalgia for the 80s would come around sooner or later. I wasn’t expecting My Little Ponies to be relaunched, though, much less to become the basis of a an animated TV show that’s the darling of geeky young men. That part was a surprise. […]

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Geek Girl’s Survival Guide for Loving Non-Geeky Men

 A few weeks ago, I sent my darling, lovely, and geeky eldest daughter off to college. Actually, I drove there with her belongings in my car, helped her move in, then held her and cried as we both realized that the basic cable package in her dorm does not get BBC America and she […]

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What Not To Call Michele Bachmann

 Attention, writers of the world: Rep. Bachmann may be an odious waste of skin, but not even that is an excuse to be sexist. I speak of this otherwise excellent article on Republicans’ war on the working class, which nevertheless refers to Bachmann as “shrill”.  Writers, please don’t call women “shrill”.  Or “hysterical”.  Or […]

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NPR’s Science Fiction and Fantasy Poll

 A few months ago Tor ran a poll asking about the top 10 Science Fiction/Fantasy novels of the last decade. Because they had the time limit on it (2000-2010), they ended up with a really interesting list. You can find the results right here. If you dig a little deeper over there, you can […]

Footage from THE DARK KNIGHT RISES in Pittsburgh

 FOR ALL BAT FANS! This is just a dream come true, and  the geek in me is just busting! We get to see Bane and The Dark knight fight it out in a winter wonderland. According to rumors going around, this is a scene where Bane releases all the inmates of Arkahm — following the […]

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Crossplay and the Male Gaze: Gender-flipped Justice League

 Here’s a neat article from the pen of LA Weekly’s Liz Ohanesian: a group of cosplayers who went to Comic-Con as the Justice League of America… gender-flipped. Batma’am and Superma’am (who’s got a beautifully realized ’40s look) are joined by Aqualass, Power Guy, and Wonder Man.  The interesting thing, to me, is that gender-flipping the JLA exposes the male gaze like a flashbulb.  Power Guy is wearing next to nothing. (Good thing he’s built.)  Hunter’s costume exposes his belly. “We try to keep it pretty scantily clad for [the men] because that’s how women are portrayed,” says [the cosplayer playing Superma’am]. “We weren’t scantily clad for ourselves because that’s not the point. We’re showing that girls can be clothed and be superheroes because, most of the time, they aren’t.”  YES. YES. A THOUSAND TIMES YES.   (And, because I can’t resist, check behind the cut for a picture of me as a female Fifth Doctor.) […]

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Women and Electronica

 The field of electronic music expands daily with technological advancements. Women are entering this formerly male-dominated field in greater numbers. A convergence of social media and social empowerment may be the reason, but for whatever reason, they are proving to be a potent addition to it.  All one has […]

Short Attention Span: Do Science Fiction and Fantasy Short Story Markets Have Gender Bias?

 I recently read a blog entry about gender distribution in submissions and publications that Edmund Schubert, the editor of Orson Scott Card’s InterGalactic Medicine Show (IGMS), posted on Magical Words. He quoted three emails from two assistant editors relating submission rates and then provided publication rates. He then made the claim that they publish women at the same proportion that women submit, calling the ratio “close enough.” I hear not everyone was impressed by this rigorous approach and the subsequent detailed analysis and conclusion. Rather than pick a side, I decided to look at his submission and publication numbers and see if there was a statistically significant conclusion to draw. After all, the data provided is exactly the kind of data I need for a Chi-Squared test. Isn’t it exciting!  […]

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