Thor 2: The Dream I’m Dreaming

So, I’ll be honest. When I first read the synopsis for Thor 2: The Dark World, I was kind of disappointed. (Thor going deeper into space?! What about Jane! What about EARTH! He’s barely had time to even form any kind of connection to Earth OR Jane and now he’s going to some OTHER planet?!)But that was before I saw these stills, one of which appears to be Thor and Jane in Asgard. Now, we all know that at the end of the first Thor movie, [SPOILERS for Thor and Avengers AHOY] we saw a tragic, grieving Thor — not just for the loss of Loki, but also for the loss of Jane, with the destruction of Bifrost. It was a bittersweet finish, and we were left with the knowledge that Jane was searching for Thor, determined to reach him. And Thor, in turn, had promised to return to her. And then AVENGERS happened, and suddenly, Thor was magicked to Earth to go after Loki, which made the end of the first Thor movie and all the heartbreak totally just… well. I don’t want to say it was a cheat, but it certainly makes that ending much less powerful to know that Thor had other ways to reach Earth, and Jane just wasn’t important enough to make Thor utilize them. And not only that, but during AVENGERS, Thor snubs her. We get one passing reference to Jane being moved to safety by SHIELD and Thor thanking them, but that’s it. Nothing else. And if I were Jane? Hooooo Boy would Thor be in hot water with me, if after whooping Loki, he didn’t even check in to explain his extended absence. (I can certainly understand that he had his hands full BEFORE whooping Loki and the alien invaders, but you’re telling me he could not give her five minutes before he magicked them both back to Asgard with the cosmic cube?)You can see my dilemma, I’m sure. I want to love Thor, but he is clearly not a reliable love interest for Jane, and “demigod” (seriously Marvel why?!) or not, I really hope she’s more caught up in the science of simply finding Asgard than she is in pining after Thor I-can’t-be-bothered-to-stop-in-and-say-hi Odinson.And all I can think now is “PLEASE let Jane have found her way there on her own through science!” because this is the dream I’m dreaming — […]

Pilot Review: The Following

 A while ago my sister and I decided that Kevin Bacon is awesome enough that he doesn’t need his first name anymore. We refer to him simply as “Bacon”. Like “Madonna” or “Sting”. Needless to say, I was delighted to see that he’d been tapped to be a dramatic leading man, on broadcast TV […]

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John Carter, Spoiler Free

 I should preface this by saying: I am a long time fan of John Carter and Edgar Rice Burroughs’ Barsoom books. The fact that this movie was made at all made my day, even though I was pretty skeptical of it as a Disney production.  John Carter is the story of a Fighting Man of […]

Chronicle: What Kids Would Actually Do with Superpowers

 Let me start by making one thing clear:  Chronicle is not like the Covenant with kids who have telekinesis instead of magic powers.  This point is important because I was not really looking forward to seeing what I thought was a rehash of that annoying movie.  Yet again, the marketing is just a little off, […]

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Whispers from a Heart of Gold

He ain’t never gonna talk pretty, Alone with Serenity, Even when he misses you. The brightness, the attention, Shoots halfway crosst the ‘verse. You feel a match has been lost You must do what’s best for you.

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Vote Early, Vote Often

I was just reminded by Daniel Abraham’s blog that January 31st is the last day to register for this year’s Woldcon. Membership to Worldcon is the requirement for nominating and voting for Hugo awards. You don’t have to go to the con. For $50, you can register as a Supporting Member […]

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 (Before we begin, a brief plug for Geekquality, a new podcast devoted to “Feminism, Race, Ability, Gender, and Sexuality in Geek Culture”. Though I have not yet had a chance to check it out, I approve of it on general principles. Huzzah!)  Many electrons have died recently to bring us stories on Siri, […]

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Happy Christmath!

 All the Chicas are at the Fortress of Solitude waiting for the Doctor Who Christmas special to start, but here’s a nerdy math song for your respective yuletides.  

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Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol

SPOILER-FREE!    Thanks to BMW, I was able to see a pre-screening of Mission: Impossible 4.  I will say that I didn’t have very high expectations for the film.  I figured it had been beaten to death already and that Tom Cruise just wanted another excuse to go rock climbing and make money doing it. I was quite wrong.  […]

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THE DARK KNIGHT RISES ( Prologue & 2nd Trailer ) Review

 I was able to get a peek at the Six minute Prologue to THE DARK KNIGHT RISES. the biggest fears coming into this was, could it top the THE DARK KNIGHT.. let me start by saying… FUCK YES! The spoilers are coming, so turn away if you don’t want to know anything….    LAST CHANCE  ok… here’s […]

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