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Pearce has lived the kind of life that doesn't happen to real people. Over time, she has grown to accept that she will simply fall face-first into strange and often awesome situations that are absolutely bizarre and must be appreciated as such.

For a Meager $67.50….

 …you too can smell like Iron Man!   That’s right, my friends.  You (or your boytoy) can now purchase the ever-coveted scent of Tony Stark in his Iron Man suit. The product description reads: Top notes of modern leather contrast with the fresh aroma of sparkling lemon and the warmth of amber and cedar in Only The Brave, […]

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Geek Dance Party – Ke$ha – Pearce-Sponsored GeekaChica

 I’m not kidding, my friends.  This lady’s got a lot in common with my own views.  Whether or not they have anything to do with geekdom is irrelevant at this point.  You know what IS important? If I mention a particular actor’s physical attractiveness, “objectify” him as one may say, I’m automatically told to stop behaving as a squealing fangirl. Would you like me to list the number of times male reviewers have discussed the eye-candy factor of female leads?  It’ll take quite some time. Oh, wait!  Men, in their infinite wisdom, have made it incredibly easy for me to point out their objectification of the opposite gender! Hottest Sci-Fi Girls  Sweet!  Now I can be lazier than ever in explaining to men why they should now shut the hell up about womenfolk discussing the finer physical points of their gender. Ke$ha herself, attitude about her music aside, states flat out that she uses her songs to turn men’s own attitudes against them.  See also: […]

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Jumanji for Grown-Ups: Side Effects Include Death

 Despite the bad reviews I’d read, I decided to see the Black Waters of Echo’s Pond.  I find that what I like in horror movies is often a lot different from what’s mentioned by other reviewers, and I thought the premise sounded kind of neat.   The film is about a group of 20-somethings who decide to spend a weekend at their friend’s house on an island in Maine.  They find a weird board game, and hey, why not play it, right?  After all, they’re there to spend time with each other and reconnect as a group, and they want to do more than sit around and watch TV, smoke pot, and get drunk. […]

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Spock Will Ask Spock to Appear in Next Trek Film

  Yup.  It appears that Zachary Quinto wants Leonard Nimoy in JJ Abrams’ sequel to the series re-boot…which might start filming at the end of this year.  Sweet.  Live long and prosper, guys. And now, for your Spock-a-licious delectation, here’s a double Spock interview:  

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Quick Thoughts on Clash of the Titans (Spoiler Free!)

 Note:  These are quick, post-movie first impressions.  I may or may not write a full, in-depth review (with spoilers), but I wanted to give you guys an idea of what you’re in for if you’ve been looking forward to this film.    If you’re looking for cinematic eye candy this weekend, you could certainly do worse than Clash of the Titans.  Story and script aside, this is the first movie I’ve seen where the 3D effects are for the most part fairly subtle.  There aren’t any blatantly obvious things flying at the faces of the audience, as was used gratuitously in the Final Destination.  The atmosphere was handled well, too.   In addition, the cast is kinda cool.  In explaining it to you, I must warn you of these facts:   […]

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Someone Has Too Much Free Time

 …and it’s totally awesome.  Is it just me, or are new LEGO sets a lot simpler and less challenging than old ones? 

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When Did Parents Become So Lazy?

 I ask this in all honesty.  It seems that parents have become increasingly protective in theory…but in practice, many seem to expect everyone else to look out for what their kids are watching, listening to, doing, and so forth.  Now,  I do think that a parent has every right to decide what is acceptable for his or her child…but it’s not anyone else’s duty to enforce those ideals.  Parents need to know what sorts of things come into contact with their children, and if they can’t be bothered to do so, that seems to say that they aren’t REALLY all that concerned about their child’s/children’s exposure to whatever it is.  At least not concerned enough to actually, you know, put EFFORT into something.   Yes, there are a lot of influences out there.  There have ALWAYS been a lot of influences “out there.”  “Out there” has been giving parents grief since the beginning of time, which makes the whole “out there” argument a bit silly. I always thought methods of “enforcing” R movie ratings were over the top.  An ID check at the counter, sometimes a police officer checking licenses again at the door to the actual theater…I mean, I’m here to see Law Abiding Citizen, not to fly to Pakistan.  So no, ticket taker, I did not bring my passport so that you have yet one more document to glare at because you don’t think my license photo looks like me.  No, it really didn’t occur to me to dig through my things to find a passport to go out on a Friday night.  Shocking. Well, parents are worried about their kids seeing R-rated movies, and apparently they’re worried enough that they’ve put the movie theater one step down from the airport in terms of security checks.  And why, exactly, could you not make sure that your child actually bought a ticket for the latest Disney flick on your own?  You could hang around at the theater until your kid actually buys the ticket.  You could buy the ticket for him or her yourself and put it into his or her hand.  Granted, there are ways kids can get around these things if they want to see R-rated movies badly enough, but there are ways around pretty much ANY “safety measure” when it comes to “enforcing” ratings systems, including the ridiculous system that’s been implemented in various theaters presumably to ease parents’ minds. Whether or not R-rated movies are actually damaging is another issue entirely, and I’m just going to leave that out for now.  Anyway, now parents want someone to come up with yet ANOTHER rating system for ANOTHER form of entertainment – live concerts.  And why, pray tell, are they worried?    Because Lady Gaga is evil and will give your children TEH GAY. […]

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My Semi-Guilty Pleasure: Choreographed Dancing

 I can’t begin to explain it, but I’m just fascinated by choreographed dancing.  I will watch and re-watch Bring It On just to see the cheer sequences. MTV rarely has anything remotely resembling television on anymore, but they do have America’s Best Dance Crew…which managed to succeed where America’s Next Top Model failed as far […]

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Conspiracy Theorist Logic 101

 I am annoyed.  There is far too much idiocy on the Internet.  No, this isn’t anything new or surprising, but sometimes I run across so much idiocy on a single subject that I feel the need to beat some sense into everyone.  Of course, since this is the Internet, I can’t.  But if you’re free to put your claims out there, I’m free to bitch about their inaccuracy and lack of logical insight. I’m not going to provide any links because I don’t want to give these particular sites any more traffic, but lately I’ve run across a boatload of articles about the brainwashing conspiracies behind Disney, pop music, and so forth…all backed by either the Illuminati or the Freemasons.  For some reason, people who write this sort of thing think the two names can be used interchangeably.  Probably because they’re so busy trying to keep their kids from watching the Lion King that they can’t be bothered to open a book or perform a Google search. Just to show the Internet how incredibly easy it is to find basic facts, I will now direct you to the first link that shows up when I Google each of these terms. Illuminati  Freemason  All of that effort, including the effort of putting the links into this piece, took me less than sixty seconds.  While Wikipedia is often a questionable source, it still illustrates my point:  this information isn’t all that hard to come across.   The words “Illuminati” and “Freemason” should not be used interchangeably simply for the purposes of accuracy (and credibility, if you’re going to go around claiming that we’re all being brainwashed by Tuna Helper, or whatever).  If you’re not offended enough yet, just wait.  There’s more.  […]

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Google v. Italy

  Round Two   As of last week, three Google executives were found guilty of violating privacy laws in Milan, Italy.  The case hasn’t gotten too much attention, but it might shape the way international and Internet laws are handled in the near future. Apparently, a video of Italian students bullying an autistic child ended up on Google in 2006.  Italian police let Google know, and the company removed the content.  Google also says that it did what it could to help police identify those who were shown in the video as well as the individual who uploaded it.  The result?  The uploader and other students were sentenced to 10 months of community service. The Italian courts then indicted four executives from Google for defamation and violation of privacy laws.  Three of the four were found guilty of violation of privacy, and all four were found not guilty of defamation.  […]

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