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Pearce has lived the kind of life that doesn't happen to real people. Over time, she has grown to accept that she will simply fall face-first into strange and often awesome situations that are absolutely bizarre and must be appreciated as such.

Don’t Waste Your Time – More Movie-Related Sacrifice

 Generally, I do think that most movies have at least some redeemable qualities.  Maybe just one big one.  Or maybe they’re awesomely bad and fun to mock.  That’s a redeemable quality.  However, there are some films that just are not worth your time.  I’ve seen them…or tried to watch them and failed miserably because they made me physically uncomfortable with how bad they were.  And here’s my short list of more recent films, which obviously doesn’t encompass all of them. […]

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Paranormal Activity Meh

 I’m still not entirely over the fact that Paranormal Activity’s release timing last year screwed over the Fourth Kind, which I found interesting and strangely creepy (I also love Milla Jovovich).  But I had to go see Paranormal Activity 2 anyway because I really wanted to know where there was to go with that plotline.  What could they possibly do with this thing?  Blair Witch 2? Well, the trailer gave a few hints, and it made things look fairly interesting….and perhaps more involved than stuff literally going bump in the night.  On top of that, if you looked at the version on the official website and tried to rewind the video a bit, it would skip and do creepy things and play some other footage.  They also made it a point to show a baby in a crib in the mirror….a crib that was empty outside of the reflection.  Overall, it looked like it was shaping up to one creepy story.  THAR BE SPOILERS. […]

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Have a Geek on the Rocks

 For those of you who do enjoy a nice, relaxing beverage every now and again, offers up something that sounds pretty tasty.  I’ve been too buried in paperwork for my own liquor manufacturing company (Southern Alchemy) to have too much time for alcohol, but I think I’ll give this one a try over the weekend.  […]

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Toast Landing Jam Side Down Now Valid Scientific Test for Demonic Presence

 “Devil.” “One of these people is not who they seem to be.”  See?!  This time he’s telling you up front that there’s a tveest!  That means he’s learned, right?  Sure, go ahead and let M. Night Shyamalan off his leash!  What could possibly go wrong?  The movie opens with a man describing what becomes a recurring part of the story to the point that you really will not be able to hear it without pissing off everyone in the theater by asking in loud incredulity, “Who tells this kind of thing to their children?!” When Latino Security Guard was little, his mom used to tell him stories about the devil taking human form, trapping a bunch of damned people together, and then tormenting them before killing them so they could continue to be tormented in hell.  Oh, and this kind of event always started with someone committing suicide.  It was a heartwarming family tale that clearly scarred Latino Security Guard for life.  Unable to pass the psych exam to become a cop, he instead became a security guard at a giant building made of mirrored glass right next to the Blue Cross Blue Shield skyscraper in downtown Philadelphia where he now spends his time watching hockey games and fetching Dunkin Donuts coffee for his coworker.  Well, look at that….a guy committed suicide this morning.  And who is dispatched to investigate this incident?  The K-Mart version of Colin Farrell’s Minority Report cop, Folin Carrell.  Folin Carrell’s fantastic deductive skills are quite key to everyone’s safety, you see.  He’s the one who realizes that the guy who committed suicide jumped from Building 333 (the building next to Blue Cross Blue Shield).  He even stops the janitor from sweeping up the broken glass on the sidewalk before another large piece almost takes out his partner!   What a guy! You’d think with five people getting stuck on an elevator (Elevator 6 no less – Shyamalan, you sly fox), things would pick up fairly quickly.  And the film tries.  It really, really tries.  Unfortunately, since everyone outside the elevator has the reasoning skills of a honeydew melon, it’s pretty tough to move the plot along without flickering lights and stuff going down inside between the trapped individuals.   (There are spoilers, but I mean…come on, this movie is about as formulaic as they come.) […]

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Rotten, Rotten Tomatoes

 The next person who tries to use a Rotten Tomatoes rating to tell me that a movie sucks is going to be backhanded.  Why do people put so much stock into what this website says? Of course, anyone who says “Rotten Tomatoes just likes hating everything” can automatically be pointed toward the fact that they […]

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…..okay, Predators?

 I took my nephew to see the film.  Nevermind that parents have apparently created such a stir that twenty-five-year-old aunts can no longer take their fourteeen-year-old nephews to see R-rated movies.  That’s another rant for another piece.  But oh, what a piece I want it to be.   I saw the original Predator.  I heard the sequels weren’t worth the air I’d expend to watch them, so I have not seen those.  And I will say this……WTF, VENOM-WANNABE-DUDE.  You sucked before. Prize line:  Wannabe-Venom:  “Yeah…….five o’clock….bitch….raping time.”  You’ll know it if you see it.   THAR BE SPOILERS!  […]

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I Gave M. Night Shyamalan Money for You

  ……and I even tried to resist the urge to make comments about angry trees or “Vhat a tveest!” That’s what an awesome date I am.   No, really!  I’ll prove it! [Seven hours later, after tossing the glasses in the “KEEP 3D GREEN” bin]  Huh.  That was pretty cool.  I wonder if they assigned someone to just stand next to M. Night Shyamalan to yell “NO!” every time he said, “Well, it might be totally unexpected if-” I am not familiar with the series itself.  As previously stated, I don’t like to see the original or read the book prior to seeing the movie if possible because I’ll probably end up indignant on principle.  So this perspective isn’t comparing anything to the animated series. It was a cool movie.  I will say that.  It was very entertaining, and it managed to intertwine a whole bunch of different plots without making me forget who was doing what and where.  However, part of the way it accomplished such a feat was by kinda making each of the elements controlled by different races.  So I did feel a little Captain Planet channeling in there.  ’cause that Avatar, he’s gonna help to put asunder bad guys who like to loot’n’plunder!  […]

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God Bless Shatnerday

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    Splice – Not a Fish Rabbit Human Frog Chicken Horror Movie

Splice – Not a Fish Rabbit Human Frog Chicken Horror Movie

 It’s a shame that Splice is being marketed the way it’s been.  Based on the trailers I’ve seen, it looks like a horror movie.  It’s not.  It’s actually fairly thought-provoking.  I enjoyed it, and I was pleasantly surprised that it was more than some freaky thing escaping from a lab and running around eating people. […]

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I’m Confused.

 I saw Iron Man 2 in IMAX.  Because it would be cruel to deny me that complete awesomeness.  Because it was an Iron Man movie, I also took advantage of the movie theater’s frozen Jack and Coke machine.. But with Iron Man 2 being released and with trailers including clips from Tony’s little “meeting” with the government becoming more frequent, I found myself focusing more on the “successfully privatized world peace” part than the explosions and mancandy. Being a business geek kind of sucks, since most people in business aren’t quite rabid enough about it to geek out with me about things like market research statistics, and most other geeks just think I’m insane when I start ranting about things like numbers related to consumer behavior. Trust me…the geekiness level can be a little scary.  Especially when the overt Stark sex appeal is considered.  […]

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