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Sinister 2: Shut Up and Make A Sequel

Some of you may recall the movie Sinister.  For those who don’t, let me remind you.  It’s a delightful little tale about how the boogeyman is real.  Ethan Hawke learns about a series of strange killings that all share one thing in common:  one child went missing and was never found again, and the rest of the family was found dead.

(Also, the Boogeyman is a member of Slipknot.)
Unfortunately, Ethan Hawke doesn’t make it out of that movie alive because Deputy So and So, who puts together the most important part of the pattern of deaths, can’t get in touch with him.

Sinister has some of the usual horror movie stuff, but it also has interesting little touches that you may not initially notice.  It’s put together well, and it has some neat things that make you pay attention to the background, which I always see as a big plus.

The first movie came in at over $18 million with a budget of $3 million, so what does that mean?  Sequel time, you guys!

Where Sinister had those nice touches that I appreciated, Sinister 2 does something that I find very frustrating in any series of films:  it breaks the set of rules in the world it already spent so much time putting together.

Let’s review those rules.


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SyFy’s “Magicians” Series Is Looking Good

If you’re still iffy on whether or not Syfy’s “Magicians” adaptation is worth a look, allow me to present exhibit A:  Penny



Keep an eye out….you never know when more “Magicians” goodies might pop up here.


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VICE – You Had ONE Job

The concept of VICE, an action/scifi flick that, if you believe the movie poster, stars Ambyr Childers, Thomas Jane, and Bruce Willis, is an interesting one.  Bruce Willis owns a resort that bears a striking resemblance to a place I visited in the Dominican Republic, except unlike said real life resort, living patrons can do whatever the hell they want to “artificials,” which are presented at first as some sort of genetically-modified android something that still has human emotions.  It isn’t something that hasn’t been touched on in the past in any number of movies, and it’s a little amusing that Bruce Willis is the brain behind this lecherous land of moral ambiguity considering his part in Surrogates.


Still, the film starts to bring up the question of what makes a person human. The film has a lot of potential in this area.  There are conversations between the “doctors” (who are actually engineers) that fix the artificials when they’ve been shot or strangled or stabbed by someone who just felt like going on a killing spree to see what it feels like which bring up questions about the artificials actually being conscious during operations, a phenomenon we sometimes hear about in current medicine.


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Chronicle: What Kids Would Actually Do with Superpowers

 Let me start by making one thing clear:  Chronicle is not like the Covenant with kids who have telekinesis instead of magic powers.  This point is important because I was not really looking forward to seeing what I thought was a rehash of that annoying movie.  Yet again, the marketing is just a little off, […]

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Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol

SPOILER-FREE!    Thanks to BMW, I was able to see a pre-screening of Mission: Impossible 4.  I will say that I didn’t have very high expectations for the film.  I figured it had been beaten to death already and that Tom Cruise just wanted another excuse to go rock climbing and make money doing it. I was quite wrong.  […]

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Google+ Invites….Are Worth Money?

 Apparently they are to some people. So in my infinite wisdom, I decided to head to eBay myself and see if this was still going on.  After all, the content behind that link was written June 30, which in Internet time means I might as well be looking at it from the other side of a plexiglass museum exhibit. […]

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A Late Look at Gareth Edwards’ Monster Film Debut

 Monsters, released October 29 2010, wasn’t screened in many theaters, and it didn’t stay for long.  Here, we managed to be tormented by the trailer while never having a chance to check it out on the big screen.  Fortunately, it’s now available on DVD and on Netflix (where it’s also part of the “Watch Instantly” lineup, if you like immediate gratification). The film itself is incredibly interesting.  It was marketed more as an “aliens blow stuff up” kind of film, but that’s not at all what the movie’s like.  “Aliens blow stuff up” generally makes for great background noise while I play online or maybe a nice distraction while I relax with a drink, but Monsters demands all of my attention.     Avoiding spoilers, let me give you a decent idea of the actual premise:  […]

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Tron: Eyecandy

 Not much of substance can be said about this film because….well, let’s be honest; it doesn’t have much substance as far as film snobs are concerned.  In general, I’m a critic of films made and released in 3D because it seems as though the only purpose of the technology is  to make things jump out at the faces of audience members.  The movies I’ve liked that have been in 3D have usually been made so in post-production stages, meaning that the touches are far more about aesthetics and less about “Look!  Look!  It’s like it’s gonna hit you!” Tron:  Legacy actually uses 3D in a manner that contributes to the film.  I’d have to re-watch it in 2D to be sure, but I don’t think I’d be nearly as fascinated by the Grid if I did so. The whole world is essentially digital anyway, so hey!  Why not make it even more intensive?  It’s great.  It makes for better eye candy.  […]

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New Films – Hit It and Quit It Already!

 We’ve seen a lot of talk about “reboots” lately.  Not to say that said reboots are bad, but really…..I’d like to draw your attention to both the likes of Neill Blomkamp and that of Guillermo del Toro.  They make things awesome, whether or not they’re reboots or adaptations.  And yes, I truly do have that much faith in both.  The real point here is that aside that the previous film trend that I mentioned (Sweden….Sweden is so hot right now), the other big deal at the moment is “rebooting” films of series that ultimately took turns that made us all wish we could stab the straws from our Cokes through our eyes, since being kicked out doesn’t make much of an actual, physical protest. Sure.  We love Sweden.  And not just Sweden.  Oh, trust me.   Dear Scandinavian Men  The Geekachicas Request Your Presence. Sincerely, Geekachicas as a Whole, Especially If We Can Take Pictures  The point being that no matter what the new “hawt kewl thing” in Hollywood happens to be, and no matter how much we enjoy the visuals displayed by such popularity, we still want to watch ENGAGING THINGS.  We can watch a man look good in a magazine  […]

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Tennyson Stead’s Shot at the New Filmmaking Model

 I’m very much into dystopian stories.  1984, A Handmaid’s Tale, Brave New World, and so forth. By chance, I ran across  Tennyson E. Stead, a friendly, well-spoken guy who also happens to be the founder of 8 Sided Films, one of the many film companies springing up in an attempt to try new forms of funding new movies. He’s trained in theater, and he’s capable of holding a very entertaining conversation.  Overall, I’m impressed at what I perceive about his ability to balance the artistic side of film and the business that goes along with it. Amongst many of the sorts of tangents that can only occur between two mind-bending horror fanatics, I found some fantastic points regarding the changing environment for film, partly demonstrated by last year’s success of Paranormal Activity.  Like the music industry, the film industry is undergoing radical changes due to not only technology, but also the attitudes of the consumers.    […]

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