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Welcome to the Discworld

 For all its flaws, you have to love YouTube. I mean, sure, sometimes the quality is terrible and they frequently remove videos that are clearly covered under Fair Use, but you can find almost anything there, if you’re patient enough. Some poor souls with a lot more time/skill/bandwidth than I have put up whole […]

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Judge a Book by its Cover : Fantasy

 First off, extreme thanks to new GC member, Belle, for pointing out Judge a Book by its Cover — a fabulous blog I had somehow missed! It’s had me in stitches all day. Not only does the blogger work in a public library, thus being exposed to the horrors of many cheesy covers, but […]

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Advanced Cat Yodeling

  For those among us who really enjoyed the “The Engineer’s Guide to Cats” I give you this follow-up video from the same filmmaking team:  The above video is a specially edited version done for Icanhascheeseburger.com.  A longer version “The Engineer’s Guide to Advanced Cat Yodeling — with Cat Polka” is also quite amusing, with much […]

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Web Site Story

 This video came to my attention via my buddy Stevil, who can generally be counted on to bring the funny. He also has a knack for predicting the future, as he told me that when he saw it, he thought of GeekaChicas. So here you have it, another prophecy fulfilled! ( Sorry about the extra […]

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Buffy vs. Edward

 I’ve been introducing my family’s next generation to the joys of Buffy the Vampire slayer, slowly but surely working our way through the seasons, giggling over witty dialogue and crazy/fun characters.  It has been some years since my oldest (a boy, in case you’d wondered) proclaimed Hayao Miyazaki his favorite director because “he’s not […]

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Friday Fantasia

 I have the best, most fun friends, ever. They’re always showing me cool, interesting or hilarious things.  So today I thought, why not spread the love? Let’s start off with a hilarious story that has been making the rounds of the Internet  since its publication in the most recent issue of Lone Star Stories. Of […]

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The Magic Thief Series

 One night last fall, my son came running into my bedroom at 10:30pm, well past his bed time. He should have been asleep for some time, but he had stayed up late reading, his little reading light too small to give him away with a telltale light beneath the door. He just had to […]

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The Zombie Survival Guide

Tapping into the current zombie zeitgeist, my son recently begged me to let him buy this book. Now, it is worth mentioning that he does not watch zombie movies — he’s eleven — but he is familiar with a couple of the zombie games out there. Really, you’d have to be living under a […]

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GeekaChicas Announcement

Greetings! Due to some software updates and the like, GeekaChicas will be inactive this weekend, and possibly down for some of that time as well. We should be able to return to our regularly scheduled programming next week. Until then, please enjoy this Trektastic goodness:  http://widgets.nbc.com/o/4727a250e66f9723/4a0cece2c1957c6b/4a06f0d52eef88cc/c87465c7/-cpid/88050631b084d84e

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The New Trek’s Weekend Grosses

 Well, friends and neighbors, the early numbers are in in on J.J. Abram’s time and back-story bending Star Trek movie, and the news is good. Since its Thursday debut, it has reportedly grossed $76.5 million, putting it well ahead of the franchise’s past offerings. In fact, if the estimates are correct, it may have made […]

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