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College Humor Tweaks Pixar, Vampires

 If you guys haven’t discovered the irreverent and amusing stuff that is College Humor, now is the time to check it out.  I cannot tell you how many times people have sent me some of their stuff recently, and it’s all been great fun. Here are a couple of my recent favorites just to […]

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The Egalitarian Genius of Free Video Hosting

 Most every one has seen at least a few examples of amazing or wonderful things on video hosting sites like YouTube, Vimeo, Viddyou and so forth.  Some are more tolerant of transformative works than others, but for the most part, they all have lots of stuff that people have either made themselves or made […]

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Carl Sagan and Stephen Hawking– A Glorious Dawn

 I confess that as a wee lass I was ever so slightly enamored of Carl Sagan and his Cosmos series. Guess I’ve always carried a torch for the smart type, and my signed copy of Contact is among my most prized possessions.  So, imagine my enjoyment when Pearce emailed me the following video. Thanks to […]

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Windows 7 Launch Parties? O_o

 When someone sent this to me, I thought it was a joke. Four actors pretending to be friends, telling us all about how to have a successful Windows 7 launch party. Let’s repeat that for effect : A Windows 7  launch party.  It seems Windows is tired of being the brand of the Sheep, the […]

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Sexual Assault Prevention Tips Guaranteed to Work!

 From very early in our lives as females, we are taught to be paranoid about our personal safety. There are classes, special talks given at college by police officers — you know the drill.  Here is a list of tips that, if followed, will prevent 100% of sexual assaults.  A big thank you to […]

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Black Babies are the New Black

 First, a big thank you to Oberonia for bringing TokenBlackChic to my attention by posting one of her videos. This woman is my new hero– she’s  smart, funny and pretty much lets everybody have it.There are very few sacred cows that she doesn’t slap around a bit, and I say more power to her.Enough […]

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Do You Wanna Date My Avatar

 The recent discussion of the relative merits of  Penny as a Joss Whedon lead female, I thought this might be appropriate. Thanks to Alpha Lyra for the find! This music video, done as a promotional tool for the web-based series The Guild (which also stars Felicia Day, aka Penny), made me spew my coffee.  So, […]

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The Collectible Conundrum

 I still remember the day when my dear sister unveiled her Shuttlecraft Galileo ornament, complete with the little button that, when pressed, played a recording of Leonard Nimoy’s voice saying,”Shuttlecraft to Enterprise, Shuttlecraft to Enterprise. Spock here. Happy Holidays. Live Long and Prosper.” We had a proper little Geek-out, complete with Spock-love squee.  Soon it had become a regular part of her holiday  shopping — buying the next geektastic Keepsake Ornament from Hallmark. I gradually distanced myself from this practice, smiling and squeeing politely over her latest acquisition, but not truly coveting them. I even giggled when people made jokes about those geek tree ornaments, never mentioning that my sister owned the lot of them. I’m here to tell you, friends and neighbors, the joke is on me. These collectibles have proved to be a smarter investment than most retirement funds. Not just the ornaments, either. She has painted plates and toys and a replica of Indiana Jones’ hat. She has an honest-to-goodness bat’leth on display over the head of her bed.  (I admit to having a soft spot in my heart for bladed weapons, a feeling which my dear sister appears to share.) Her investment strategy has worked out well. Basically, she buys only what genuinely pushes her buttons. Some have increased in value considerably, and some have not, but she loves them all. Thing is, being her sister and knowing the placement of her buttons as I do, this makes finding the perfect either very simple, or extremely difficult. The difficulty arises when  I find the perfect thing for her, but have to devise ways to prevent her from buying it for herself without giving away that I’m getting it for her. Hence to my current dilemma.  A Deadly Duel, or Han Solo dressed as a stormtrooper?  […]

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More Dancing Vader

 As some of you may recal, some time ago I shared a clip of Darth Jackson on Britain’s Got Talent dragging his low energy self through a version of Thriller. That was both fun and a tad embarrassing, a case of more guts than glory, which isn’t a bad way to live life, if […]

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Blame It

 Most of us are, in one way or another, feeling the pinch of the times we’re living in. Here’s an insanely catchy tune for the times, no matter where you lay your head. (Brought to my Midday Fluff- posting self by our own lovely Pearce.)   

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