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I Just Discovered Literal Video

 I know. I’m totally behind the curve on this, but I love them.  I’ve been culling through the dregs of YouTube enjoying the wonderful things that happen when you arm the populace with video cameras and digital editing software. I’ve ranted before about how awesome it is to put  the power to tell visual […]

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The Best/Strangest Breakfast Cereal Advert Ever

 I haven’t a clue who Miles Melman is (and my Google-fu is weak, for I only turned up other references to the video below) but I think I’m in love. Besides being one of the longer Raisin Bran Crunch commercials ever, this is just bizarre enough to be indelible.    Warning: Once you’ve seen it, you […]

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It has Absolute Jack to do with Christmas, But…

 Check out this Taco John’s ad staring Whiplash the Cowboy Monkey (also, note how utterly blissful the speedy dog looks):  

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The Carol of the Bells – Muppet Style

  As a seasonal follow-up to the near-ubiquitous Muppetification of Bohemian Rhapsody, I offer the following:    Go forth and share the Muppet love!

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Rammstein/Cookie Monster Duet

 In this time of good cheer and crazy stress, I takes my LOLs where I can get them. Here’s a little gem that had me giggling beverages out my nose: And if you ever had any doubt what a lovely* language German is, then you must be unacquainted with Rammstein. Just check this out:   *Written English […]

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Neutra Face

 Here’s an absolutely awesome send-up of Lady Gaga’s Poker Face, complete with hot, dancing boy nerds. Hope it sends you into the weekend with a smile on your face. Certainly did the trick for me!  

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Three Wolf Moon

 I’ve largely kept quiet about the Twilight saga, mostly because I haven’t read the books. I tried, once, but as it went along I found it difficult to enjoy for a number of reasons. Now, I’m not saying anything against Twi-hards, and I’m not saying Ms. Meyer set out to make abusive twats seem […]

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Shatnerquake! For Free!

 Those of you who have been with us since the beginning may well remember our earlier mention of this book. If you don’t recall, click here.  Essentially, I deemed this the best book EVAR, on concentrated camp value alone.  Well, guess what? Last evening, Jeff Burk, the writer and gifted mind behind ShatnerQuake! gave […]

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The GeekaChica Halloween Photo Round-Up

 We GeekaChica bloggers may be Geeks, but we know how to have fun. Of course, being Geeks, sometimes our fun includes costumes. And parties. Lots and lots of parties! But you’re not here for my blah-blah-blah-ing, so on to the pictures!  […]

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  • TaunTaun Sleeping bag
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    TaunTaun Sleeping Bags Have Arrived! (Well, for Pre-Order, anyway)

TaunTaun Sleeping Bags Have Arrived! (Well, for Pre-Order, anyway)

 Every year on April Fool’s Day, the geek shopping mecca Think Geek does an April Fool promotional page in which they offer many joke “products.” One year not so long ago, one of those products was the ThinkGeek.com Tauntaun Sleeping Bag — complete with lining stitched to simulate coils of entrails. My first thought […]

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