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DMS has too many engineering degrees and not enough books. She manages teams of artists, engineers, and software developers in order to afford the occasional trip abroad. When she isn't complaining about something on the internet, she divides her time between reading, gaming, homebrewing, and starting new art projects she tells her spouse she will finish any day now, really. Her cat is old enough to vote and disapproves of you.

Age of Ultron and Marvel’s Woman Problem


I saw Avengers: Age of Ultron opening night, and overall thought it was a fun movie and above average for the MCU. The action sequences are great. I’ve found myself getting bored in action movies for the last few years, but the one held my attention across a runtime […]

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Vote Early, Vote Often

I was just reminded by Daniel Abraham’s blog that January 31st is the last day to register for this year’s Woldcon. Membership to Worldcon is the requirement for nominating and voting for Hugo awards. You don’t have to go to the con. For $50, you can register as a Supporting Member […]

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Short Attention Span: Do Science Fiction and Fantasy Short Story Markets Have Gender Bias?

 I recently read a blog entry about gender distribution in submissions and publications that Edmund Schubert, the editor of Orson Scott Card’s InterGalactic Medicine Show (IGMS), posted on Magical Words. He quoted three emails from two assistant editors relating submission rates and then provided publication rates. He then made the claim that they publish women at the same proportion that women submit, calling the ratio “close enough.” I hear not everyone was impressed by this rigorous approach and the subsequent detailed analysis and conclusion. Rather than pick a side, I decided to look at his submission and publication numbers and see if there was a statistically significant conclusion to draw. After all, the data provided is exactly the kind of data I need for a Chi-Squared test. Isn’t it exciting!  […]

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A Novel Approach

 Recently there has been a lot of discussion of the suppression of women’s writing in SF with plenty of reactionary response, interesting perspectives, data light discussions, and at least one review website. There are way more conversations going on right now than those few links; I’m simply playing favorites. It’s all interesting […]

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