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Women are Nerds Too!

 As this blog and site is basically dedicated to the female nerd and/or geek when I read through this article I felt that it was incredibly applicable to the audience we have here.  FIREFOX NEWS: Women Read Comics, And Other Things You Never Knewby: Merlin Missy “Women like comics. Girls like comics. And science fiction. And […]

It’s Back! Terminator Salvation

*Some Minor Spoilers*  It is unfortunate that the promotion of Terminator Salvation was first tainted by that four minute long, raging, obscenity throwing, tantrum as thrown by Christian Bale on the set of said film, which caused all fans of all genres to wince, cringe, and sigh out of embarrassment for Bale by proxy.  I […]

Star Trek Captain’s Poll Update

Welcome to your update for the current Geeka Chicas poll! This is Darth Sweetums reporting from GeekaChicas Stadium.  There are so many excited fans at the track today, let me tell you.  Many of them are dressed in their favorite Star Trek garb.  I’ve seen several Klingons, many Spocks and one bald Captain James T. Kirk.  Kudos to that fan, whoever he was.  Anyway, our poll race for the Fan Favorite ST Captain has been a no contest so far.  What? You ask me, your mouth agape?  It is true my dears, it is  true. When this announcer first checked the poll Picard had already surpassed expectations by going at warp speed around the track gaining him 25 votes over Original Kirk’s 13 that held him at second place.  Janeway, however held strongly at third with 9 votes while Sisko stole fourth place out from under young!Kirk’s perfect nose with 2 points.    A strange yet interesting development occurred right at the start of the race.  I believe the shot of our starting revolver must have spooked him because Captain Archer seemed to have passed out at the starting line and gave no sign of regaining consciousness. At first, no one was concerned.  Most of us fans believed that Archer was after a few sympathy votes and maybe some candy.  His plight was not noticed until young!Kirk made his first lap around the track and stopped at Archer’s pathetic form lying in the dirt. To everyone’s amazement young!Kirk seemed to forget about the race and stopped to help Archer by calling young!hotter!Bones down from the stands to check up on poor Archer.  I believe the poor Captain began sucking his thumb at that point.   Meanwhile, the votes are pouring in and our Captains are going steadily along the track until Picard hits 30 votes to deafening cheers from the fans.  All was going well for the French Captain until he made a premature victory lap, waving to the crowd, not paying attention to where he was going and tripped on Archer’s immobile body.   Young!Kirk had been trying to wave the good Captain away but poor Jean-Luc was not paying attention and flew clean over Archer and young!Kirk landing face first in the dirt.The only person who appeared to receive some sort of joy out of this event was Captain Sisko, grinning from ear to ear as he passed Picard on the track.  I still sense some tension there.  Locutus was not Picard, Ben!  Give it a rest! Picard seemed to be okay after his fall, however, but he did not start up the race again.  Instead, he returned to the scene of the accident and kicked Archer, who didn’t seem to notice, out of seething frustration.  Young!Bones did not like that one bit and got to his feet.  The crowd is absolutely coming unglued at this point because unlike original Bones, young!Bones looks rather intimidating.  I think it’s because he looks shockingly like a dorky Karl Urban.  Could be just me though. The two men looked as though they were about to face off when a loud cry came from the stands and everyone watched as a large, dark man came flying down the stands and onto the track.  It took all of us a moment to identify him but it was none other than Commander Worf, running to defend his Captain against the crotchety physician. Not long after the fight settled and our Captains were back on track Archer miraculously regained consciousness and Bones was able to push him once around the track in an antigravity chair.  I’m not sure how many more sympathy votes Archer will be able to squeeze out of fans but at least he’s awake now. Right now Picard has been taking a pit stop for several hours along the sidelines reading his beloved collection of Shakespearean works and enjoying several cups of Earl Grey.  He is sitting pretty at 61 votes.    I believe that Original Kirk may be too concerned about his toupe staying on his head as he is now running around the track with one hand slapped firmly on the top of his head.  It’s really slowing him down.  He is staying in second place at 36 points. And that’s all we really need to know.  As fans, we all know that these polls always end up about one thing:  Kirk vs Picard.  So cast your votes and keep your eyes peeled for more updates! Until next time, thank you and good night!  […]

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Life in an Insecure Universe

Since I’ve been living on my own (and because I’m single) I’ve gotten into the habit of arranging my television schedule in my head when all the new seasons and shows start in the fall.  Yes, I’m aware that I need more fullness in my life.    I’d figure out what I would be watching in the evenings on any given day during the week and stick to that schedule for the most part.  But the fall of 2007 was no different.  Or was it???  I have a point, I promise.               Two of my younger brothers started watching this show that had started its first season in the fall of 2007.  They really liked it and recommended it to me.  I think my excuse for not watching was that I had a day job and that the show was on too late for me to stay up to watch and be coherent the next morning.    Well, you know what?  I should have listened to them.  I’ll never, ever, ever say that and if anyone tells them I’ll deny it!  But, I should have listened to my brothers.  I also still have a day job.  In fact it’s an earlier-in-the-day job than my last day job was but I do my best not to allow it to interfere with my evening television.  Priorities people!               The show is called Life and it happens to star the wonderful, fantastic, and temptingly tackle-able Damian Lewis.  This, of course I didn’t realize until after the first season had aired, when Beatrice Blythe and I saw a picture of him in an ad for the show.  Beatrice shouted out, "Sweetums!  Look, it’s Soames!" referring to his nasty character in The Forsyte Saga which was the very first and only thing we had seen him in so far.   […]

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The T.V. Sucking and Port-a-Hottie Phenomenon

  It has happened to every one of us at one time or another.  Probably multiple times.  But let me tell you about a television show that I actually am okay with getting sucked into.   What I mean by ‘sucked into’ is when you’re sitting comfortably in your easy chair, enjoying some after dinner ice […]

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Weekend Movie Openings

 We are getting there guys!  I can feel it.  I can almost smell it!  I can see the light at the end of that chokingly dark tunnel of awards season awfulness where the lack of film entertainment sucks out the veritable souls of any science fiction/fantasy fan/comic book fan.    There were a few exceptions […]

Heroes: Fresh New Start

I started out watching this episode with good intentions, low expectations, and a pen and pad of paper in my hands. I began taking notes scene-for-scene, just to help me remember what happened when and to whom. That got old really fast. I started writing down questions, relevant and otherwise. Unfortunately, I left the sheet of […]

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 Do you people realize that The Matrix and Star Wars: The Phantom Menace will be ten years old this year? WEIRD!But anyway… Not only does Valkyrie have every middle -aged English actor and their mothers in it, but it is a freaking AWESOME film! I know, I know – Me? Recommending a film with post-crazy!Tom […]

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