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Daredevil: New is Good

Over the past decade or so it seems as if the entire world of pop culture has been taken over by one large, encompassing force known as Marvel. From the first Iron Man movie; from the first sardonic Tony Stark grin and the first taste of that fast paced, witty dialogue, we have never […]

Richard Armitage: I Saw Him First!

 It was a good weekend. I have officially seen Harry Potter 7.2 twice, and am doubly depressed now. (In all seriousness, I don’t know what they expect us to do with ourselves now that it’s over.) I also had the opportunity to watch more Star Trek: The Next Generation via Netflix streaming. Oh, yes, […]

First Class: Not a Reboot

The hip thing to do with comic movies now seems to be the reboot. They’re doing it with the Superman and Spiderman universes, in spite of the very recent and successful movies previously made. The theme seems to be, new producers and directors = reboot comic book movie franchise.   […]

Inception – A Kick in the Head

Science fiction to me (and to the immeasurable Orson Scott Card) isn’t just about space ships, aliens, and freakishly tall, forest-dwelling blue people who are [insert soft whimsical voice here] connected to all nature and animals and it to them in peace, harmony, and fluffy glitter bunnies.  Science fiction […]

Man vs. Wild – Solid Entertainment

 When you’re a fan of several different franchises as I am, you have to realize that in doing so, there is a certain amount of risk involved.  A danger of your fandom not living up to your expectations and/or coming to the point that causes you to ponder “Why in the world did I ever start watching/reading/playing this?” is always present, even if it is only the danger of the story ending.  I first came to grips with this painful fact at the tender age of eleven, when my family and I sat in our living room with our eyes glued to the television, and we watched the last flight of the Enterprise 1701 D into an artful background of sun and nebulae on the small screen. Star Trek: The Next Generation is still my favorite show, but there is no one more depressed than I am about the fact that there will be no more of it.  Other examples include: Heroes, which turned to crap after the mesmerizing first season. Doctor Who, it will never be the same – no, really, it won’t.    That’s why the main requirement of being a fan is unfailing, sometimes obsessive love.  But even after all of that, it’s hard not to wallow in despair at times.    Sometimes we as fans just need a more solid ground to stand on.  There is one thing in this entire universe that I know will never fail me.  It’s a person actually, and his name is Bear Grylls.  Perhaps you’ve heard of him?      […]

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Franchise Concert Tours – Where’s the Star Trek?

 This article was written in late November, but due to issues around the holiday was not able to be published before the end of the month.Darth Sweetums emerged victorious from NaNoWriMo, and we are proud of her and of all our Chicas who completed that mammoth task. ~ The Management  I am taking a […]

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Facebook: The Serial Stalker of the Internets

This is how undeniably creepy Facebook has become:    After it finally loads for me, and I want to visit a particular profile page belonging to one of my “friends”, I click on the “Friends” option. It doesn’t matter what submenu you’re after in the “Friends” option, it will take you to the same page first. […]

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There’s this scarf that I’ve owned for several years.  I remember buying it at the same department store where I worked at the time.  Its red white and blue in a pattern of American flags on it.  Originally, it was meant for Memorial Day, or Independence Day, I don’t recall which.  But I’ve actually […]

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    Star Wars The Old Republic – It’s a Big Universe Out There

Star Wars The Old Republic – It’s a Big Universe Out There

 As much as we all believe the story of Star Wars to be concluded (Who really believes that?  Come now.) in 2005 with the release of Episode III: Revenge of the Sith (The title of which makes no sense, but don’t get me started on that.) thus closing the story and journey of Anakin […]

Star Trek Captain’s Poll – Results Show

 Welcome to our poll results show Chica Trek fans!This is Darth Sweetums reporting from the GeekaChica’s stadium.  What a race it has been!  I had no idea the upstanding commanders of Starfleet’s finest could be so conniving.Before I announce the FINAL SCORE let us go over some of the highlights of the race.When we […]