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Facebook and Social Status

 It’s become very apparent that Facebook has become a great source of Social Status for today’s Internet users. That is, Facebook has become society.   I noticed one day a friend’s relationship status had gone from “in a relationship” to “single” and several of her friends commented on the change, and I knew then society had […]

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Top 5 Gifts for Horror/Zombie Geeks

  As an avid zombie and horror geek, here are my top 5 picks for gifts for those lovers of the undead in your life.   1. Nightmare on Elm Street Freddy Doll   With the new Nightmare on Elm Street movie comes new memorabilia. I personally LOVE this doll because I love dolls. And even though it’s only […]

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ADHD and Me

So I wanted to write a little bit about how my brain works and my thought process. First off, I have ADHD. I’ve had it all my life, and if I was in elementary school now I would have been put on Ritalin very fast. I talked so much that in Grade 3 I sat […]

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Take a trip down the rabbit hole into Dust Bunny Land

 Dust Bunnies by Mandy are creepy, cute, stuffed bunnies. All bunnies are hand made, and are made to order. There are a few standard designs (White Rabbit, Dot, and Living Dead Bunny) as well as speical designs like a Were-bunny made with fake fur, a Fairy Bunny with satin wings, and Roller Derby themed […]

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My name is Cyannide, and I’m a recovering WoW Addict

 So, I’m new here to GeekaChicas and thought I would introduce myself with a blog about being a recovering World of Warcraft addict. Yes, I was one of THEM. I joined the WoW community in late summer 2007, after my husband started playing earlier that year. He’s the gamer in our house. I was intrigued by the wide expanse of both the online game itself, and it’s community of players. Up until then I had never really played an RPG, other than watching the Final Fantasy series, unless you count The Sims (but to be honest, all I did in The Sims was build houses for my people, then invite their friends over, and make them watch their friends die various deaths. Apparently I have issues). So I went out and bought my copy and started playing. I made a Blood Elf (a race on the “evil” Horde side), and made her a warlock, aptly named Cyannide. And I was hooked. It didn’t hurt either that I joined right in the season of holiday “in-game” events. Starting with Brewfest, which is the game version of October Fest. And it was glorious. I spent a lot of time getting drunk in-game and just running around meeting people. Then, after that was their Halloween, and then Christmas, which is called Winter Veil.  Once the holidays were done, however, I decided to spend more time playing. I did quests and levelled my toon up, to about level 40. Then I decided to make another one, at the encouragement of my husband (who had about 3 or 4 at that time I think). So I make another Blood Elf, but this time a Priest named Cassiopeia, to be a healer. And I feel in love! I quickly learned playing a healing class pretty much made you one of the more popular players.   […]

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