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Geek(aChica) of the Week: Pearce

 Let’s take a minute to shower some geek love on our most prolific and acclaimed Chica, Pearce.  See, her birthday is this week, and even though she’s way busy with her absinthe company, Southern Alchemy,  we wanted to mark the day. Though it seems her sweet fella, Circus Boy, beat us to the punch […]

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Why Geeks Love OKGo

 Obviously, it’s the viral videos. It all started about four years ago, when the made their first YouTube music video in the back yard. The song is called A Million Ways:  Of course, they didn’t really go viral until the utterly famous treadmill dance for Here it Goes Again:  What made that the one that got […]

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“Fear the Boom and Bust” a Hayek vs. Keynes Rap Anthem

 Here we are at the heart of the true Geek spirit, the Internet. What tends to distinguish geeks from the rest of the general population is our desire to learn things and know stuff when no one is forcing us to do so.  But how that spirit finds expression in the vastness of the […]

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Seeing is Better than Believing

 Let me show you something that is really, really awesome. “Adspecs” have been in the planning stages for a couple of years, but the word is now getting out about them, and they’re such a cool idea that it makes me proud to be human. Here’s a quick video that explains what they are: Adspecs […]

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More from Muppet Studio

 Ever wonder how poor Beaker would fare in YouTube comments? Well now we don’t have to wonder any more! Yes, I am totally addicted to the new Muppet vids on YouTube. Sue me.   

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Super Bowl Sunday

 Here’s some geeky fun to mark the occasion:  This is a big day for me, personally. My family wasn’t huge about football (never having lived in a city with a team for very long — Army brats) but we always watched the Super Bowl. Now I’m in my new city and they’re in the Super […]

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There’s a Fluffy Bunny in Need, and You Can Help

  Those of you who havebeen around here for a bit maybe acquainted with our resident purveyor of snarky movie recaps, Fluffy Bunny.  You may not know that Fluffy (otherwise known as Lisa), besides having a great wit and writing for us here, makes her living as a self-employed artist. She is based in Orlando, […]

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Awesomest Doctor Who Companion Poll: Results

 It should come as a surprise to no one that companions from the Doctor Who reboot (2005 to present) took the highest places in our poll, because the earlier Who iterations are no longer being regularly broadcast. It seems the original series has been relegated to the purview of  die hard Who enthusiasts and pre-Eccleston purists. (As hard as it may be to believe, I know at least two people personally for whom there never will be a Doctor after Tom Baker.  Baker was the Doctor of my childhood – mostly due to a ten-year lag that used to exist between shows airing on the BBC and the same shows entering the US airwaves – so I have a great sympathy for them. However, they’ve missed some great stuff, especially lately.) I urge all of you new Who enthusiasts to check out the old show on Netflix. Yes, sometimes the sets wobble and the Daleks are thwarted by stairs, but the show transcended its trappings. If it had not, there would not have been a reboot. Pinky swear.  Now that I’ve had nearly a month to heal the blow to my heart that was The End of Time, and it is time to face up to the end of Ten as well as the end of our  Who Companion poll. *sniffle* Thanks to all who voted! Here’s the final tally:  […]

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The iPad: My Personal Smorgasbord of Frustration

 The iPad seems, on the face of it, like it would be ideal for someone like me – someone who is less than super tech savvy. It is a sexy piece of technology. It’s beautiful, functional and it has hipster cachet.  But it’s also horribly, deliberately crippled.   […]

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From the Mailbag: A Dissenting Opinion on Dollhouse

 Here at GC, we’re never happier than when our readers engage us in conversation. No, really. I have always enjoyed being challenged. If no one bothers to question our assumptions, how can we grow? When I went through the “Why is the sky blue?” phase, my family actively encouraged me to ask more questions.  (I’m a parent now, and I’ve got to tell you, I have more respect for my folks every day.) So, I find it actively enjoyable to discuss points of interest in the articles I write. (This is a different thing entirely from trollishness, which amounts to “[insert noun/pronoun] sucks” or the YouTube version,  “shut up and show your boobies.” Those, while amusing in their own way (Ha, HA! Inarticulate boy is inarticulate!) are not really engaging.) So it was with great delight that I sorted through the mailbag to find the following letter from Mark Warren, a Whedon fan and writer of fanfiction, who had a few bones to pick with my recent article, Dollhouse: Did I Fall Asleep?  Mr. Warren was kind enough to let me share his letter with GeekaChicas readers. It is presented here with some serious formatting issues I could not fix, though I tried. (Our site software has some issues with the text, though it looks fine when we go in to our WYSIWYG editor.)   There are more spoilers than in my original article beyond this point. […]

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