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Rudolph the Regular Reindeer

  Once again, the College Humor folks hit one out of the park. This is an interesting send-up of the original and an indictment of enforced homogeneity at the same time. Plus, it’s awesome.  See more funny videos and funny pictures at CollegeHumor.

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The Geekiest of all Possible Greensleeves

 Seriously. Just look at it.   

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Geek Parenting 101: How to Talk to Your Kids About Star Wars

 This video reminds me of my niece when she was three or four (she is now sixteen). My sister and her family were staying with us while their house was finished. One day I was looking through my movie collection to find something suitable to entertain the wee  one. My sister informed me that […]

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Happy Harry Potter Day!

 Yes, I know the die hard Harry Potter fans stood in line for the midnight show or have already hit the early morning matinees, but most of us with jobs probably won’t get to see it until tonight. Still, here’s a fun couple of videos that any Harry Potter fan can enjoy. First, we […]

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Filament Magazine: Man Candy for Women with Brains

 It will not surprise those familiar with this space that we GeekaChicas have no problem sexually objectifying men. In fact, it comes as naturally to many of us as objectifying women does for some men. In our reviews, it is clear that the attractiveness of the male leads sometimes has an impact on our enjoyment of movies and television shows.  To deny that fact would be intellectually dishonest, and totally counter to our mission at GeekaChicas, which is nothing more than to be here, and to be ourselves. (We Chicas often hold different points of view on issues of morals or politics, but GC is committed to providing a forum for discussion.) We’re outspoken, opinionated women. Some of us like men, and not only for their brains. Therefore it’s only natural that we should review Filament Magazine, a magazine for women who like men and intelligent thought. (As the tag line to the left reads, “No Fashion, No Diets, No Celeb Rubbish.”)   What it does offer is a slick, smart read for women who think more about the way we relate to the world than simply what makeup or clothing we need in order to snag a man. In fact, this magazine has had articles exploring the possible link between bras and breast cancer,  the way neuroscience and science fiction are changing our view of such conditions as cerebral palsy and autism spectrum disorders, and Capoeira as dance, martial art, game or all three.   […]

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Lego Star Wars: Bombad Bounty

 For all my geek sisters and brothers out there, I offer this incredibly fun video.  Enjoy!   

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Vampire Mob

 This article comes to us via  guest blogger, AGirlNamedLuma, a fellow CM fangirl and sometime GeekaChica. Reprinted with permission. What happens when you put together the Mafia and real vampires? Then you get Vampire Mob. The premise is simple, but deliciously clever: “Don Grigioni (John Colella) is a hitman who becomes a vampire because […]

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Gaming Paper Giveaway Winner Announcement!

 Congratulations to our contest winner,  Michelle Norton!  You will be notified by email when the rolls of Gaming Paper have been sent. 🙂 Enjoy! Ms. Norton’s entry was chosen by the ‘pick a folded slip of paper out of a hat’ method. (After all entries from various sites were munged into a single document, printed, […]

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Game Paper Giveaway Closing Today

 Just a quick reminder that our Super Fantastic Gaming Paper Giveaway closes tonight at midnight EDT. Get your entries in before then. We will announce the winners on Friday.  Remember, your entry must include some way to contact you, so be sure to include your email address when you comment here.  Contest is open only […]

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GeekaChicas Giveaway – Gaming Paper!

    That’s right! GeekaChicas is giving away two rolls of Gaming Paper (as reviewed by KitchenJedi here): One roll 1 inch squares, and One roll with 1 inch hex.   Both are durable, reusable, and easily disposable!  To enter, leave a comment […]

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