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Hugo, Well Worth a View…

Visiting my dad this week.  I get my love of movies from him, so it’s a given that we’ll go see a movie any time I come to visit.  My suggestion was the new Sherlock Holmes, but when we got to the theatre it didn’t start for another hour.  Hugo, on the other hand, […]

A Woman’s Perspective on a Man’s View of the Ultimate Betrayal

 The beauty of the internet is the way it brings you into contact with things you never would have known existed.  Like the article about Ligers I discovered yesterday.  And then, from there, I was swept off to this little gem.   On the one hand, I appreciated the way he approaches this.  He is very rational, very calm, and very frank.  When I read his article, fully expecting–based on the title–to become incensed , I found myself  examining the issues dispassionately.  I could evaluate his viewpoint objectively and weigh his evidence without bias.   But then I remembered that we were talking about a man cheating.  And a woman needing to get over herself, take a look at things from his perspective, and then she’ll understand that she was completely overreacting.   Wait…what?  […]

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The Expendables: Explosions? Yes, please!

 You may have seen the trailers, touting it as the “manliest movie ever made”.  That’s right, Sylvester Stallone has taken his years of experience making manly movies and applied it to make what is supposed to be the Manliest Movie of All.  I’m speaking, of course, of The Expendables.  Yes, I went to see it. […]

College Girl Literature: A Lost Genre

One of the most painful conversations to overhear when I’m out and about is the debate over what book to get for an adolescent girl (painful because social mores declare that it is odd for me to interject).  You’re likely to hear painful suggestions like Twilight or one of its host of derivatives.  You might hear references to the Uglies series, or perhaps something by Nicholas Sparks or Jodi Picoult.  Maybe they’ll even throw out something along the lines of Wicked or the Hunger Games series (which is fine as far as books go, except that I personally found Wicked and Nicholas Sparks to be a bit…adult).  Don’t misunderstand me, there isn’t anything inherently wrong with most of those options (the exception to that being Twilight, my thoughts on which, however, have been documented elsewhere).  But I would like to offer up some alternate suggestions that are sadly forgotten in today’s society.  These are the 5 books that I feel every single girl ought to read before she is 20. […]

A Fantastic New Idea From Our Friend Google

 I’m surprised that no one has mentioned this yet.  Google Image Swirl.  Searching for a picture of a check lane display for my own blog (which I shall shamelessly promote here:  buildyourownhell.blogspot.com) I stumbled upon this message: “use Google Image Swirl now”.  Intriguing.   This warranted some investigation.  It would seem that this is an engine under development.  So my search for check lane displays was less than effective.  However, being recently intrigued by that whole Steampunk thing you may have heard of (so I’m a bit slow on the uptake) I thought I’d try that.   Ten minutes later look at all the cool stuff I found!  […]

On Feet

 I joined this site as a book/movie nerd and I maintain very deep roots there still.  But who says a person has to confine themselves to one particular world of geekdom?  The following is an essay I wrote for a class which I would like to offer up as a preliminary introduction to the newest love in my life.  I hope that something of my own passion for the subject will interest you my readers just a little bit.              Dancing, as it turns out, is an activity intimately connected to one’s feet.  Which is not to say that it is limited to the feet exclusively, of course.  On the contrary, dancing—good dancing that is—engages the entire body.  But the feet especially.  We will perhaps address those other aspects of dancing some time, but just now I cannot think of anywhere better to start, in acquainting a person with dancing, than the feet.  This is where the groundwork is laid, you see, for the rest of it.  My particular area of expertise lies in swing dancing, the Lindy Hop in particular, so I would ask my reader’s indulgence to contain my references to that genre.  That being established let us consider a swing dancer’s feet.    […]

From Watson to Holmes, With Love…

 Due to the delightful laxity of my mother as a censor, I became acquainted very early in life with a great variety of “adult” literature (no, not that kind of adult…geez!  get your minds out of the gutter people!).  I think, however, it was not my own inquisitive mind that led me first to […]

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Musings on Booker T. Washington and Modern Feminist Writing

*Author’s note*  I am unabashedly a book/movie geek, not a web/tech geek.  Thus I seem to have mangled this thing when posting it.  This is as it should be and to heck with your “read more” cut!Being a student and all, I spend my time learning things.  Recently, in American Humanities 1860-present (evening sec), […]

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Bra Shopping and Serendipity

 So, I’m a bit of a chesty woman.  I say “a bit” when I really mean that the kind of bra I need takes actual engineering.  By engineers.  People who went to school to understand vectors and gravity and geometry.  The sort of thing that they produce is on par with what NASA scientists […]

Inkheart: One for the Readers

 As of June 23, 2009 Inkheart was released on DVD.  Being the busy, travelling woman that I am, I missed the release and was forced to buy it a few days later.  Another few days elapsed before I could watch it.  Adapted from Cornelia Funke’s young adult novel of the same name, Inkheart was […]