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The Doctor Says Hello Christmas, Goodbye Geronimo

On Christmas Day, geeks all over the world crowd around their television sets and computers to watch the Doctor Who Christmas special. Some see it as it airs; others find it online, eagerly watching their download bars progress, pixel by pixel. Some years, the special is a disappointment (*cough* The End of Time *cough*). […]

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    Geek Chic for your Tree – 3 Geeky Christmas Ornaments Everyone Can Make

Geek Chic for your Tree – 3 Geeky Christmas Ornaments Everyone Can Make

 In my quest for the perfect kid-safe Christmas tree ornaments this year, I purchased cardboard balls, hang tags, plush sheep, and even a felted matrioshka doll for our potted pine. Here are our top picks for bringing a little geek chic to your tree, ready in even less time than it takes to set […]

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12 Reasons Guys Think Geek Chicks Are Hot

 Perhaps I’m biased – after all, I have a drawer full of sonic screwdrivers and lipsticks, and can name a superhero or two for every letter of the alphabet. In my almost non-existent off-time, my husband and I have debates about the more obtuse points of the comic world (who would win in a […]

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Geek Up Your Kids with this Superhero A-Z

Geekdom isn’t congenital–geek plus geek does not automatically equal geek. There are, however, many ways to encourage the kids to follow in your pencil-chignon Dalek loving shoes, starting with this ready-to-go superhero alphabet. Just don’t be surprised if, in a year or two, you’re met with an angry glare and some freaky adamantium action […]

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