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Hollywood’s Idea of Geek Girls: Awkward But Gorgeous

 While I’m pleased to see an LA Times article on the increasing number of geek-coded female characters in mainstream TV, I still balk at the twin swords of fail on display: 1. the tired old presentation of geeks as “twitchy, socially awkward, hyper-passionate” and “basement dwellers”; and  2. the notion that geeky women (who, the […]

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Absolutely the last note on Hobbit casting*

 * until the next one. In the “interesting, but not news to me” category, people from the LOTR movies are reprising their roles for The Hobbit: Orlando Bloom and Hugo Weaving are now officially rejoining Middle Earth.  Yay. On to the newsy news.  They cast Stephen Fry as the Master of Laketown, and I cheered mightily, […]

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Deep thoughts on ebooks from someone who’s owned a Kindle for nearly four months now

 So there was a Kindle under the tree for me–thanks, Dad! First, it’s not going to replace the books I read for pleasure.  Nothing like a new platform to make you realize how you really read, and I’ve discovered that I fairly often flip back in a book while I’m […]

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A Tear, Sarah Jane? Elisabeth Sladen 1948-2011

 (photo from the Doctor Who Image Archive)All the Whos in Whoville are reeling from the sudden loss of actor Elisabeth Sladen, who played the companion, the companion’s companion, Sarah Jane Smith, from 1973 to… well, ever since 1973. Three of the Doctors she worked with have paid tribute here.  Our own miss_s_b weighed in, […]

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 I remain convinced that there’s only one of these articles, and whoever’s on the “women discover genre” beat this month does a find-and-replace on the name of the work and the major characters therein.  Here’s this cycle’s example.Attention, reporters: women have been active in science fiction fandom since its inception.  Pretending that women are […]

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Figwit lives!

 Here’s a two-fer for all you Tolkien/”Flight of the Conchords” fans: Bret McKenzie to reprise his role as Figwit the elf in The Hobbit. Nerdy in-jokes FTW!  

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Mmmm… imaginary coffee.

 Imaginary coffee never makes you stay up all night.  Imaginary lattes have absolutely no fat whatsoever, so be sure to drink them with extra imaginary whipped cream.  Best of all, imaginary coffee helps Kiwis devastated by last month’s earthquake in Christchurch. I do believe I’ll have another imaginary coffee.  ETA: Before you all arch eyebrows […]

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The Beatles as boy band (Or, Preteen Girls Vindicated!)

 Up on the always-excellent retro-future blog Modern Mechanix is this 1964 article on the Beatles.  From our perch in the present, where the Fab Four bestride the twentieth century musical world like mighty Colossuses Colossii giants, there’s a definite alternate-world quality to this article, which argues that the Beatles are […]

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Advances in human-technology relations: Naming our GPSes

There’s a letter in the LA Times today from someone who’s named her car’s GPS “Agnes”.  This struck a chord with me, because I’ve noticed, for some time now, that a LOT of people seem to be naming that talking box in the car.  My parents call theirs “Henrietta”. So, […]

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25 years after Challenger

On Janaury 28, 1986, the Space Shuttle Challenger exploded shortly after takeoff.  All aboard were killed.   One of the astronauts was Christa McAuliffe, the first teacher in space. I, in second grade at the time, was in the exact demographic the teacher-in-space program was targeting, so I’d heard quite a bit […]

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