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  We’ve been hit by the  major rumor mill storm these past weeks. First it was the rumor of The Joker coming back in THE DARK KNIGHT RISES with Heath Ledger! That’s right, it seems WB wanted to CGI the late actor into the movie so he could have a small cameo, that news is […]

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  The next title to the sequel to the Dark Knight is entitled The Dark Knight Rises. This was confirmed by Herocomplex in October 27, during an interview They conducted with Christopher Nolan. During this interview Nolan shattered one question in the minds of so many fans of the film “Who will play the Riddler ?” The answer to that riddle, NO ONE! The Riddler is officially out of the third film. This sent many fan boys around the world crying.   Tom Hardy is signed on to star in the film, rumored as a main villain. Let’s remember the most important word in that sentence “Rumored” He’s gotten a lot of applause for his role in Nolan’s other summer blockbuster Inception.  The – here’s that magic word-  rumors around the net by some unknown sources have Mr.Hardy taken on the role as “Black Mask” or even “Hush.” Granted those would be some great characters to see in the film, but, my gut tells me no way. We are in the early years of Batman’s career, and given how this film is set to follow the story left in The Dark Knight and not become a stand alone story, I’m pretty sure we can rule both those characters out from the sequel.  There are also “rumors” of Nolan looking to cast two main female characters for the movie. This has set off a fire storm of theories on every blog concerning who they think will be appearing in the next film. Some people are screaming like school girls for Catwoman and others are calling for Harley Quinn, a.k.a the jokers stalker/lover and Talia Al Ghul,  the daughter of the late Raz Al Ghul. The names being thrown around for the roles are  Charlize Theron and Vera Farmiga. Though none of this is for sure, just a snowball of rumors coming after the interview from Christopher Nolan himself. Now before we move forward and get our hands dirty, let’s all just take a deep breath, and let the rumors just slide down. Better? Ok, let’s start going through the facts, rumors and theories for the next film.  […]

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Are We A Nation Of Fools ?

  Are we a nation of delusional fools, stuck to our parties ” Democrat and Republican” that we push the well-being of man aside. The fight to stop poverty is always blind-sided by another less interesting issue, God, abortion, terrorists, immigrants. All well-planed excuses to hinder actual change in this world. How many times have we […]

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Fairy Godmother

 Welcome to our annual Geeka-Boo original Horror story. Hope you enjoy it. Happy Halloween!  Halloween, it dawns only once a year. For Maggie Phillips this holiday meant more than any of the others. Thanksgiving was a day to bitch, fight, standing over a hot stove, hanging out with relatives you wouldn’t spare a cent to if their lives depended on it. You spent the day stuffing your face with the meat of helpless animal that was too stupid to realize it’s flesh was the worst curse that could be brought upon it.  […]

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Indie Spotlight: Carl The Movie

 Today I wanted to shine the light on a up and coming Indie movie called ” Carl ” a film starting actor Loren Boyer and Directed by Harvey Benschoter. Here’s a quick synopsis of the film ” A quiet factory worker gets tempted by the corporate ladder only to become the fall guy. Includes surreal visions, foodfighting, and deconstructionism […]

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Jesse’s Angry “You Steal Ideas?!”

 This past week I joined the Twitter #writechat and #storycraft weighed in my two cents. It was great, I met some cool people got a lot of my comments retweeted. But, one comment I made to the #storycraft got someone’s attention, this tweet name will remain in the dark. Here was the tweet I made: “Never […]

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New web comic series “Jesse and the runt adventures”

 This is a new web comic series I’m working on, this first comic is called ” Love Is Blind ”  I’ve placed the slide show under the cut. Be prepared for a musical webcomic  slideshow! […]

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Geek Me News!!!

   ( BATMAN NEWS!!!!)  The next batman film has an official release date, it is set for July 20, 2012 so REJOICE BAT FANATICS!!! Mr.Nolan did talk about how this part will be end of the chapter to the film series ” Without getting into specifics, the key thing that makes the third film a great possibility […]

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To Jan Brewer

  I got heated up this weekend  with the new law that allows police to racial profile latinos or any illegal immigrant , and  search them for papers. A lot of republicans are calling this the steps to protect America. Protect America from what? immigrants aren’t to blame for the U.S Goverment down fall.  Jan Brewer claims this […]

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Tweets To Follow On Twitter

 Today I wanted to shine the light on some very cool artists on Twitter, two of them might not be widely known, but you can bet they will be in the near future. And one of them has even written for the movie industry.    Cynthia-  ( zoogirltoo )Her Blog: Her daily tweets can be called poetic […]

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