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THE DARK KNIGHT RISES ( Prologue & 2nd Trailer ) Review

 I was able to get a peek at the Six minute Prologue to THE DARK KNIGHT RISES. the biggest fears coming into this was, could it top the THE DARK KNIGHT.. let me start by saying… FUCK YES! The spoilers are coming, so turn away if you don’t want to know anything….    LAST CHANCE  ok… here’s […]

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Footage from THE DARK KNIGHT RISES in Pittsburgh

 FOR ALL BAT FANS! This is just a dream come true, and  the geek in me is just busting! We get to see Bane and The Dark knight fight it out in a winter wonderland. According to rumors going around, this is a scene where Bane releases all the inmates of Arkahm — following the […]

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The Dark Knight Rises Teaser Trailer

 WB has release the official The Dark Knight Rises teaser trailer, let’s check it out together!! 😀    What can we take from this teaser? Easy, this is going to be a darker movie, with Bruce Wayne having a damaged psyche after the death of Rachel and Harvey. In a way, you can actually look […]

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Breaking Down: The Dark Knight Rises PT 1 (BANE)

Bat fans were treated to a the first look at Tom Hardy as Bane via a viral marketing game at and the response has been epic. Fans who were crying and calling Nolan’s choice just God awful have turned a quick 360 into the dark side.    I myself (a huge bat fanatic) was hoping […]

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THE DARK KNIGHT RISES shoots and rumors arise!

 What do we have here? Yes, TDKR is shooting in India and it’s wrapping up on May 7th. With it came new photos “rumored”  off the set. A lot of fan boys are up in arms in with these photos, saying “Nolan has killed the franchise” because this photo is allegedly the  “Lazarus Pit” or the “fountain of youth” that Ra’s […]

Jesse’s Angry “The Middle East”

 ( As with any political opinion piece, the following article may not represent the beliefs and opinions of all of us here at GeekaChicas. We are committed to the freedom to express our pinions and to the open discussion of these important topics. We encourage all GCs to speak their minds, and accept the […]

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Indie Q&A With Daisy Harris

 I had the pleasure in doing a Q&A with erotica/romance author Daisy Harris for the site 😀 check her out at and  Q: First question I want to ask you, what got you into the genre of Romance/ Erotica ?  Daisy:  I enjoyed erotica when I was in college, but never read much […]

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Anne Hathaway joins THE DARK KNIGHT RISES Purr-fect!

 I told my fellow Geekachicas that the latest scripts of The Dark Knight Rises were fake, and I was right. Because today Nolan shocked fan boys around the world with his announcement. Today he has confirmed that Anne Hathaway is joining the cast and will be playing Batman’s jewel thief Selina Kylie a.k.a Catwoman. […]

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Five great youtube vids!

So, I wanted to share my  top 5 vidz on youtube with you fellow GC readers  First up is   JESUS WILL SURVIVE!!!    2nd is an old fan made video of Half Life created by the Purchase brothers called ” Escape from city 17 ” ( warning some violence )  3rd  this next one has to be greatest […]

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The Dark Knight Rises rumor leaked script & Casting News

  A couple of days another leaked script of THE DARK KNIGHT RISES hit the net, this one claiming to be the actual script written by Jonathan Nolan and Goyer on November 10, 2010. The details of the script has characters like Black Mask, a mash up of Edward Nigma and Hugo Strange ( creating […]

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