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     With the start of a new year, a large portion of the population steps up to make grand statements about all the mass changes it will make in the coming months.  From weight loss to better budgeting to stopping smoking and everything in between, we make grandiose plans to change our lives and […]

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The Zen of Doing Dishes

     In this world of faster, bigger, better, even a geeka can get overwhelmed and need a break. (I hear the collective gasp of my sister geekas!)  Some find it in gaming, some find it in computer networking, and some brave souls find it in full contact sports.  While I enjoy all of these, with good […]

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The Mighty Dragon Lives!!!!!

      It’s that glorious time of year again!  I’m  not talking about the beginning of the school year or the end of summer.  No — it’s Dragon Con time!!!!! For all you lovely Geekas who have been overly sheltered, Dragon Con is an annual gathering where 40000+ of your nearest and dearest geeks, freaks, […]

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Surfing for a Job

 I have always taken great pride in my work whether it was waiting tables or managing an office or being a warehouse slave.  I even tried to bring honor to being a substitute used car salesperson.  I’ve learned program after program with relative ease.  I learned the ins and outs and how to fix […]

“Tag Along” Spouse? I think not!

 Several wonderful people have blogged about the fact that women not only enjoy science fiction books and movies but that we love comics.  They usually go on to make the point that we are an invisible majority, or at least invisible equals, when it comes to fandom.  I had not really been affected by […]