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Pilot Review: The Following

 A while ago my sister and I decided that Kevin Bacon is awesome enough that he doesn’t need his first name anymore. We refer to him simply as “Bacon”. Like “Madonna” or “Sting”. Needless to say, I was delighted to see that he’d been tapped to be a dramatic leading man, on broadcast TV […]

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NPR’s Science Fiction and Fantasy Poll

 A few months ago Tor ran a poll asking about the top 10 Science Fiction/Fantasy novels of the last decade. Because they had the time limit on it (2000-2010), they ended up with a really interesting list. You can find the results right here. If you dig a little deeper over there, you can […]

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2

It was probably a terrible idea for me to see the midnight showing this morning. That left me having to deal with the finality of the whole thing on not enough sleep. And let me tell you this in confidence, internet: I’ve cried about the end of Harry Potter on more than one occasion today.  Maybe I’ll be less upset once I’m well-rested, but I doubt it. Hanging up my Gryffindor scarf for the last time was harder than I thought it would be. I’ve been so excited about the film news that I managed to avoid thinking about this part. The sucky part. The ‘it’s all over and there’s nothing left for me at ALL’ part.  I wasn’t prepared for the sad and I’m really surprised by it. *sniffle* Here I am in my car today. Feeling sad.  HOWEVER! The sad will not preclude me from telling you about my final Harry Potter fan experience in all its fabulousness. It really was wonderful! My sister (Darth Sweetums) and I decided like crazy people to not only go to the midnight showing of Deathly Hallows Part 2, but to also get a ticket with the crowd that would watch Deathly Hallows Part 1. DOUBLE FEATURE! And I’m here to say that it was the best idea we’ve ever had for two reasons: Reason 1:  I haven’t been able to watch Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 without desperately wishing that I could immediately follow it up with Part 2. I remember feeling like that last year when we first saw it. So what better way to see Part 2 for the first time than to watch Part 1 with it in the same theater in the same seats accompanied by the same group of crazies for both films? There IS no better way! I was wonderful to see them back to back. They were made to be watched that way. Reason 2: THIS is the best reason. Our particular auditorium probably held 250-300 people. We were the chosen few who saw the fine print and realized that we could see the double feature instead of just waiting for the midnight showings. THANK GOODNESS. There were probably 15 midnight showings at the theater we went to and the lines for those were the most horrendous things I’ve ever seen.   This picture is just to show how WIDE the line was. The length was another story.  These cuties camped out to get prime spots at the front of the line.    There were two of these lines filled with people who camped out. People in costume. People who had been there for more than 30 hours. I am so SO glad that we weren’t in these lines. Our double feature folks got to settle into the theater a good three hours earlier (as our movie was beginning sooner) and there were just not as many of us. Whew!  That being said, the whole experience was one I’ll never forget. The sheer size of the crowd. The costumes. The discounted concessions! Everyone was so excited to be a part of it and even more excited to finally see this movie!  My favorite costumes of the evening.   But after all that waiting, I think that all 5 gazillion of us at that theater will agree that the movie was worth it.  (Read more at your own risk! Spoilers ahead!!)  […]

The Best Books of the Decade at

 There’s a great reader poll over at that’s been floating around this week.  The question is, what do WE think are the best Science Fiction/Fantasy books to be published in the last decade? (2000-2010 and yes, they know that’s 11 years.)   To get our votes counted we have to comment on the blog […]

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Change the World, Win Awesome Prizes!

 I felt the need to get the word out about one of the coolest things to happen around this time of year: Pat Rothfuss’ Worldbuilders fundraiser for Heifer International.      If you don’t know what Heifer International is, here’s Pat’s own summary: Heifer International is my favorite charity. It helps people raise themselves up out of poverty […]

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Harry Potter and the Awesome Fan Experience

 This is a fantastic time to be a Harry Potter fan.  Hardcore franchise followers have been waiting for this particular weekend for what seems like ages.  It’s finally here and a lot of us made the mad dash to see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part I as soon as our normal lives would allow.  Leading up to the film […]

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Rereading the Vorkosigan Saga: Mirror Dance

 I’m right in the middle of rereading Lois McMaster Bujold’s Mirror Dance, which lands right in the middle of her masterfully written Vorkosigan saga*.  I’ve noticed folks often list this book as their favorite of the whole 14-book saga and it won the Hugo and the Locus awards when it came out in 1994. It’s so involved in Miles’ whole story […]

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    Clash of the Geeks – Entertaining Insanity for a Good Cause

Clash of the Geeks – Entertaining Insanity for a Good Cause

I was bored this morning after working steadily for about…an hour. (I know. Pathetic.) I remembered that I’d fallen behind on reading Pat Rothfuss’ blog which is one of my favorite things IN THE WORLD. (He’s a fantasy author, for those of you who don’t know.)  (And honestly, why don’t you know?  He’s written one […]

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Mega History Action Figures!!

 Folks, you know you want your own Brontësaurus.  Seriously.  Now I’m thinking of other Feminist Mega History Action Figures that I want. Queen Elizabeth I.  Her enormous outfits could hide all sorts of weaponry and gadgets.  Amelia Earhart.  She’d have her own plane for mowing down enemies of all sorts.   Who else? Oh look!  It seems that Marie […]

A Play within a Film: Hamlet on DVD

 I guess you might think that all I talk about is stuff that has to do with David Tennant. I promise that this is not the case. Mostly. He just happens to be closely connected with things I dearly love. Like the U.K. Science Fiction. Shakespeare. Hotness. I have the same problem with Patrick Stewart for all the same reasons. I’m sure you all know where this is going. Oh yes, it’s Hamlet! As most of you know, the Royal Shakespeare Company sent SciFi/Shakespeare/U.K./Hotness fans into a tizzy a few years ago when they announced that their 2008 production of Hamlet would star David and Patrick in leading roles (Hamlet and Claudius, respectively).  The thought was stunning: The Doctor and Jean Luc Picard together on stage in Shakespeare’s home town!  I vividly remember the day I decided that I would see that show and I remember the day that tickets went on sale.  I bought a few of them and 1o months later I took the trip across the pond just so I could witness what promised to be a momentous event in pop culture and live theater history.  I was delighted by the fact that so many folks took the very same trip from all over the world. Nightsky wrote a great review of the stage production a little while back, so I won’t talk much about that.  But I will say that the live performance was astonishing.  I’ve seen this play performed many times and this particular production was so fresh and lively. The choices made by the director, the actors, and even the set designers were all pivotal and so effective. The whole company worked together so seamlessly under Gregory Doran’s brilliant direction that it was easy to forget about the two world-famous actors and just watch as the story unfolded. (However, when David uttered the immortal line, “The time is out of joint: O cursed spite / That ever I was born to set it right!” I had to hold in my gleeful laughter. But I did let out an audible snort when Patrick waved his hand and said imperially, “See that it is so.” I couldn’t help it!) You can imagine my joy when the RSC announced that they would film this production for DVD release. Same cast. Same set. Same mood and feel and atmosphere. But this time, everyone would be able to see it. You’d think that I would be most excited about having a copy to watch over and over again (which I will). Actually, much to my surprise, I’m MOST excited that everyone else can finally see the amazing production that I saw. Starting May 4th (that’s today!) when the Region 1 DVD is released here in the U.S., I can finally show everyone what I’ve been talking about for almost two years. Actually, I can show you now! PBS put the entire production up on their website after they broadcast it in its entirety last Wednesday night as part of the Great Performances series. I stayed up and watched the whole thing, riveted. It was so much fun to see the way they chose to adapt it to film.  Film is so much more intimate than live theater. You can see the actors’ faces, when they clench their jaws or make a slight shift of the eyes. I found myself even more engrossed this time through than when I was when seeing it live. Some things about the film version were jarring at first such as the instances during the soliloquies when the actors clobber the fourth wall by looking directly into the camera. I actually jumped the first time it happened, but I soon got used to it. It’s easy to see the attraction of this type of acting on film. Watch David perform the ‘To be, or not to be’ soliloquy here.  You can see how effective eye contact is in the moments he chooses to use it.   There were moments throughout the play when it seemed as if the characters gazed into the camera, through my TV, and right into my soul. I ended up really loving this new facet of the production. I felt included in the story, as if the characters purposefully wanted me to be privy to all of their secretive plans and thoughts — as if they wanted me to understand (or even condone) their actions.  I for one was delighted to be involved! Another great choice made in the film production was the use of second-hand visuals like mirrors, security cameras and Hamlet’s little hand-held camera. Our point of view shifts often from ‘live’ to the view through one of the cameras and back again. There were moments that actually made the audience feel like we were spying on the unfolding drama. It was really effective and created a more sinister feeling overall that pervaded the whole production, which I loved. (I also love how we get a snippet of the famous ‘Hamlet Video Diaries’ a la the Doctor Who DVDs as Tennant performs a soliloquy into his hand-held camera. My fangirl self giggled with glee at the visual parallel.) However, with these differences taken into account, the filmed production is still almost identical to what I saw on the live stage. The sets are on location, but they look the same. The furniture, the costumes, the blocking…it’s all the same. If you didn’t get to see the live performance, rest assured that this film version is closer to it than I ever thought possible.   Along with all of these thoughts about the technical aspects of this version of Hamlet, I can’t resist putting down some of my thoughts about the actual performances you’ll see in this wonderful production.  They were quite inspiring.    […]