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Thor 2: The Dream I’m Dreaming

So, I’ll be honest. When I first read the synopsis for Thor 2: The Dark World, I was kind of disappointed. (Thor going deeper into space?! What about Jane! What about EARTH! He’s barely had time to even form any kind of connection to Earth OR Jane and now he’s going to some OTHER planet?!)But that was before I saw these stills, one of which appears to be Thor and Jane in Asgard. Now, we all know that at the end of the first Thor movie, [SPOILERS for Thor and Avengers AHOY] we saw a tragic, grieving Thor — not just for the loss of Loki, but also for the loss of Jane, with the destruction of Bifrost. It was a bittersweet finish, and we were left with the knowledge that Jane was searching for Thor, determined to reach him. And Thor, in turn, had promised to return to her. And then AVENGERS happened, and suddenly, Thor was magicked to Earth to go after Loki, which made the end of the first Thor movie and all the heartbreak totally just… well. I don’t want to say it was a cheat, but it certainly makes that ending much less powerful to know that Thor had other ways to reach Earth, and Jane just wasn’t important enough to make Thor utilize them. And not only that, but during AVENGERS, Thor snubs her. We get one passing reference to Jane being moved to safety by SHIELD and Thor thanking them, but that’s it. Nothing else. And if I were Jane? Hooooo Boy would Thor be in hot water with me, if after whooping Loki, he didn’t even check in to explain his extended absence. (I can certainly understand that he had his hands full BEFORE whooping Loki and the alien invaders, but you’re telling me he could not give her five minutes before he magicked them both back to Asgard with the cosmic cube?)You can see my dilemma, I’m sure. I want to love Thor, but he is clearly not a reliable love interest for Jane, and “demigod” (seriously Marvel why?!) or not, I really hope she’s more caught up in the science of simply finding Asgard than she is in pining after Thor I-can’t-be-bothered-to-stop-in-and-say-hi Odinson.And all I can think now is “PLEASE let Jane have found her way there on her own through science!” because this is the dream I’m dreaming — […]

John Carter, Spoiler Free

 I should preface this by saying: I am a long time fan of John Carter and Edgar Rice Burroughs’ Barsoom books. The fact that this movie was made at all made my day, even though I was pretty skeptical of it as a Disney production.  John Carter is the story of a Fighting Man of […]

Author Interview with Kevin Hearne: Mythology and the Iron Druid Chronicles

 Kevin Hearne is the author of the Iron Druid Chronicles, a new Urban Fantasy series which debuted in May with HOUNDED, followed by HEXED this month, and HAMMERED on July 5th. Of COURSE I had to read his books, seeing as the main character Atticus is constantly finding himself in fights with living breathing gods and goddesses in modern day […]

First Impressions of THOR (spoiler free)

 The movie is beautiful, visually. I went in IMAX (I had never been before and thought it would be fitting to make my first experience Thor, that said, I found IMAX kind of underwhelming, so I’d say you’re not missing anything seeing it in a regular theater. Or even just in 2D). The 3D wasn’t really necessary, but we all kind of expected that. I will say that it didn’t take anything away from the movie, or make it too dark. It just didn’t contribute anything all that useful outside of the beginning and end titles, which were definitely impressive. And, like I said, Beautiful. Casting was incredible across the board. Chris Hemsworth does not disappoint at ALL as Thor, and Tom Hiddleston makes a perfect Loki. The Frost Giant King Laufey had a perfect gravel-tone, and the way the frost giants in general moved was maybe one of my favorite parts of the visual effects. They really committed with the Frost Giants, and gave us GIANTS, and more than that, they carried themselves with a perfect combination of swagger and weight–not just as if they were simply tall men, but immense men who feel gravity a little bit more than we would. Natalie Portman blushes like I would, if Thor showed up to kiss my hand, and Sif rocked it, underutilized though she may have been. The Warriors Three could not have been more perfectly translated from the pages of the comic to the movie screen, with the same kind of HAM that I loved from them in the comic, Thor: The Mighty Avenger. In fact, I think I felt that way about everything. The translation from comic book to movie was exceptional– I don’t think they could have done a better job bringing it to life, from casting to sets to costumes. I could probably nitpick the design of Bifrost, but that’s more from my impressions of the eddas than it is from my comic book reading, and so useless to this review. […]

About All This Mythology: An Open Letter to Storytellers

 Dear Hollywood, Authors, and Artists:Greek Myth is experiencing a resurgence in pop-culture these days, and I couldn’t be happier about it– or indeed the resurgence of ANY mythology back into the spotlight. It’s a great way to explore a different culture and our world history. Congratulations on being part of bringing it back into […]

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Lots of Thor!

 We got a Superbowl TV spot for Thor a few weeks ago, and now Thursday (Thor’s Day, no less!) night the latest trailer has been unveiled, and it is BEAUTIFUL.     Keep an eye out for Thor movie toys to hit shelves in March. (At least that’s what I hear on the street! and I even saw an image that may or may not have been from toyfair for a SIF action figure, which if it isn’t so short-shipped we never see it in stores, would be AWESOME.) My feelings under the cut along with the Superbowl Spot! […]

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Wisdom from The Saga Of The Volsungs

 I thought today I’d share some words of wisdom, gleaned from The Saga of the Volsungs, translated by Jesse L. Byock. Brynhild especially has some very interesting things to say when considered in a more modern context. There’s a whole chapter devoted to her wise counsel to Sigurd, in fact. Some of my favorites:Don’t pick fights with mobs.Don’t lose sleep over random women met at parties, and certainly don’t have affairs with strange women.Definitely don’t argue with drunks! At best it’s futile, and at worst it’s deadly.Don’t make promises you can’t keep, or that you have no intention of keeping.Don’t provoke your in-laws, if at all possible stay on their good side.You can’t trust any man if you’re responsible for the death of his family.  And finally: Never trust a woman to keep her promises. […]

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Thor Poster and Thor Teaser in Theaters!

 My friends, we have the first Thor poster AND we have a description of the teaser coming to theaters with the latest NARNIA installment!  Not only are we getting the Thor teaser in theaters, we’re getting it in 3-D, thanks to Disney’s choice to buy back the distribution rights for the Thor movie from Paramount. If you weren’t […]

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Thor Trailer!

 It has leaked at last!  Spinoff has a great post with screen caps taken from the trailer here.  And it’s being taken down from websites almost as fast as it goes up, but this link might work (New still working link New New Still Working Link Portuguese website with working video!) to watch the trailer itself. Watch it while you can!   Fellow Thor Lovers, I have to admit that I am floored. I did not expect this movie to look as good as it does right now.  This trailer is long (five minutes), but it is full of goodness– Go watch it, and then come back and let us hear your thoughts! Love it or Hate it? Why or why not?  My thoughts are below the cut, as always. […]

A Whole Lot of New Thor

 Folks, we have a lot of new images being put out pre-Comic Con, and it is only going to get better on Saturday, from what I can tell. The ramp up for Thor is hard core. We have HIGH RES stills, including our first view of Loki WITH his horned helmet and a very golden throne room in Asgard. We have two of the warriors three. We have Comic-Con movie concept-art posters for Cap AND Thor. AND. AND we have Thor standing in the rain flexing every muscle on his body. Follow the links for the Better quality images at their sources! Let me begin with the poster art released by Marvel. It’ll be available at the Marvel booth at the con!   I dare you to look at that poster and tell me that this movie looks lame. Higher resolution image of the Hall of Asgard, a la LA Times, which came through for us again. The original release was print only, but they threw up the digital not long after. Incidentally, Russ Fischer at did a great job pulling out the details for us on this image for a close up of Loki, Frigga, Hogun and Fandral while Thor kneels before Zod Odin. also includes the original bootleg EW image of Thor and Odin in high res in that article, which can also be found on Marvel’s site. I’ll post a lower res of the Hall of Asgard image here, as a preview but definitely go get the full effect! (EDIT: YES WE HAVE HELMETS THANK YOU COMIC CON!)    The Money Shot and my thoughts below the cut! […]