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Who needs math when you’re “crafty?”

Is a ring that has a 4.8mm diameter and is 1.2mm thick equal to a ring with a diameter of 7.1mm with a thickness of 1.6mm? And if they are does that mean that you can switch out rings that are 8.0mm with a diameter of 1.6mm for rings with a diameter of 9.5mm and a thickness of 1.6mm? The above paragraph probably gives you flashbacks to the math class and word problems, right? Except this isn’t actually a word problem. It’s the type of mathematical wrangling that’s involved when making chainmaille jewelry. That’s right, making jewelry involves mathematical computations. Jewelry isn’t the only thing. Lots of things that women often do, things that men like to call women’s “crafty” things often involve complicated math. The problem? Crafts aren’t where you would think to find complicated mathematical equations so both men and women often dismiss it, perpetuating the cycle of “girls hate math.” […]

The Awesomeness of eBooks

 About eight months ago, I finally broke down and bought a Nook.  This, if you didn’t know, is Barnes and Noble’s answer to Amazon’s Kindle.  I won’t bore you with the details of why I think the Nook is vastly superior to the Kindle, because that’s not what this article is about.  Instead, it’s about the world that I found myself in once I broke down and went “digital.” Now, in my defense I’ve been reading eBooks since early 2002.  I got into it way back when I still had a Palm IIIe.  It didn’t have wifi, or eInk or even a color screen.  But it did have the ability to store books on it.  That’s when I discovered Fictionwise.  I had to admit, at first I was a little leery.  I loved books; I love the smell of them, the feel of them and I wasn’t sure I would enjoy reading them on the screen.  I didn’t buy many, but I quickly found that I loved the portability and the story more than the experience of holding the book.  Now, with the Nook and .epubs it’s all about the speed and convenience of having the book in my hot little hands immediately.  […]

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Are the French really fighting for Women’s Rights?

 The French have struck a blow for women’s rights in the Muslim world, by banning the burqa and niqab in France.  That’s what they say anyway.  My question is, how can you say you’re encouraging women’s right by telling them what they can and can’t wear?  The burqa, according to wisegeek.com is: is a piece of clothing that covers a woman from head to foot. There is an opening for the eyes, but the rest of the body, except the hands, are covered. The burqa is usually made of light clothing, and is essentially outerwear for some Muslim women in some regions. It is worn when women leave their homes, over their indoor clothes. It’s not worn indoors in the presence of family.  The niqab on the other hand:  is a combination of head covering and scarf, or a one piece scarf that covers everything but the eyes. It usually flows down to midback to cover a woman’s hair, and may flow down to midchest in the front. The niqab can be worn with the burqa, or with other clothing as part of modest dress for Muslim women.  I’ve seen women wearing burqas and niqabs.  They are hard to miss even in a predominantly Arab Muslim country.  While burqas are an easy target for the French, I call bullshit on their reasoning for banning the burqa.  Yes, the burqa is a symbol of women’s oppression in Afghanistan.  It is also becoming a symbol for Muslim women against what they’re seeing as the West’s attack on Islam.  They’re choosing to wear the niqab or the burqa not because of a, perhaps extreme, interpretation of the Qur’an, but instead because they’re being told what they can and can’t wear.  How is that any different than those supposedly abusive husbands? […]

Is Apple Making Us Stupid?

 “Mac is for pussies that want their computers to just plug in and work.Windows is for people that want to curse out their computers on a regular basis.Linux is for people that want to make their computers their lifemates.”  ~Unknown tech supportWay back when I was just a lowly undergrad learning about 1’s and 0’s, I remember reading a tech article about how everybody would be a programmer by 2010.  They would have to, technology was getting more and more complex and the end user would have to keep up or be left behind.  It put a little quail of fear deep in my stomach.  Was my chosen field about to become obsolete?   Did I once again manage to find something uber cool right on the tail-end of it’s ride?  Actually I had, but it wasn’t the end I was expecting.  I graduated from the University of Minnesota with a newly minted Bachelor of Science in Business in Management of Information Systems in June of 2001.  Yes, that’s right, a year after the dot com bust.  In the intervening years I’ve avidly watched for the dreaded obsolescence.  Thankfully, I work for the Federal Government where obsolescence is unheard of.  Still, I look around wondering where all the regular user programmers are and what happened to them.  My answer?  Apple killed them dead.Now before all you Apple fangirls start sharpening your pitchforks, here me out.  Apple makes a beautiful product.  It’s simple, it’s easy, it just works.  There is very little worry about virii, malware, all of the things that Windows users have to worry about and Linux users send to the Windows users to get them to switch.  It’s a great product for those that can’t be hassled to learn about the piece of technology that is slowly encroaching on every aspect their life.  The problem with that, is there is a larger and larger population that suddenly can’t even figure out how to install a piece of software if it doesn’t come from an app store. […]

Gifts for the Geeky Traveler

 I travel a lot for work.  I’ve gone from Washington DC to Wisconsin to Kolkata, India.  I can and have lived out of a suitcase for 6 months.  When you travel like I do, you learn quickly that the are some serious essentials.  If you’ve got a travel geek on your Christmas list, here […]

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Furry Friends and Happy Holidays

 The Holiday Season is upon us.  As the decorations come out and the food is prepared, there are a few things to remember when it comes to that special furry person in your life:  Have a Holly Jolly Christmas There are a surprising number of holiday plants that are poisonous to animals.  Two of […]

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Shoes, Operating Systems, it’s all about the hunt.

 Over the last week or so I’ve had to investigate many different Linux distributions.  The reason is because there are hardly any operating systems that will run on a eeepc 4G Surf anymore.  This all started when I misheard some advice and installed the newest version of Ubuntu 9.10 NBR.  While I’d love to give you a review, it did nothing but blow up my netbook.  To my credit, I’ve been using one version or another of Linux for about 7 years now.  So I’m not exactly a n00b and will put up with a lot of crap from an OS if I like it.  Since I had to reload my OS anyway I thought I’d do a little digging and a little shopping around.  Get out of my comfortable Ubuntu/eeebuntu zone and see what’s out there.   Boy, did I find stuff!  Mostly what I found is that Linux distributions are like women’s shoes.  There are an infinite number of brands, styles and colors to choose from but a lot of them are going to hurt.  So without much further ado, my quick and dirty run down of different Linux distributions experiences on my Asus eeepc 4G Surf (BTW, this is by no means an exhaustive list): […]

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The Writers are Coming! The Writers are Coming!

 It’s almost November and between the fun and excitement in the US over Halloween, people are quietly scribbling down notes and whispering furtively to each other.  Why?  Because it’s almost time for NaNoWriMo! National Novel Writing Month or NaNoWriMo runs the entire month of November.  The goal?  To write 50,000 words in 30 days.  Crazy?  […]

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Girl Cooties and Sci-Fi

 Remember The Invisible Boy from the movie Mystery Men?  You know, the kid that was only invisible when no one was looking at him?  Yeah, that’s not so much a new and exciting superpower, women who love sci-fi have long known that power and we keep trying to get rid of it!  On the off chance you missed a certain article that has been making the rounds of the blogosphere, women are destroying science fiction.  Women and our girl cooties are forcing the manly men who love science fiction to think about their feeeeeeeelings.  And relaaationships and oh my god the fact manly men doing manly things doesn’t always help.  Oh noes!  I mean my god, man the fact that boys might actually like other boys is preposterous and obviously the work of those evil manipulative women that are banging on the door of our guys only club!  The horror!  The madness!  It’s the death of science fiction as we know it!!  Pretty soon they’ll be doing things like calling it SyFy! […]

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There’s a Little Sheldon in All of Us

 Recently I’ve gotten hooked on the Big Bang Theory.  The premise could have been a recipe for disaster.  A hot blond chick moves in next door to two theoretical physicists.  I mean, all the different ways this show could have gone horrible wrong was there.  Picking on the geeks, picking on the dumb blond, […]

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