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Love, Time, Space, Magic: the Reformation of a Romance Snob

Love, Time, Space, Magic: Tales of Love for the Imaginative and Fanciful (PopSeagull Publishing, Edited by Elizabeth Hirst) is a collection of science fiction and fantasy themed stories that explores ideas surrounding relationships, the different forms love can take, and the drive to connect. As an inveterate Romance Snob ™, I would not have read it if I hadn’t been asked to review it for this site. I was secretly prepared to struggle through it and do my best to give it fair shake, but I ended up really enjoying it. No one is more surprised by that than I am. [Editor’s note: I wouldn’t be so sure, Pixel.]

As with any anthology some stories connected with me more than others, but this one has a good mix of character-driven and idea stories–all with a unique flare. It opens with “I sing the Recurring Melody” by Deborah J. Walker. It is the story of Verna, who, after a childhood encounter with the mysterious traveler/ lady /minstrel Dark Hand, follows her love of music down a mystical path, sacrificing much along the way. This one really set the tone for the collection, and is the reader’s first clue that this won’t be a paint-by-numbers romance story collection. Love takes many forms. […]

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Sinister 2: Shut Up and Make A Sequel

Some of you may recall the movie Sinister.  For those who don’t, let me remind you.  It’s a delightful little tale about how the boogeyman is real.  Ethan Hawke learns about a series of strange killings that all share one thing in common:  one child went missing and was never found again, and the rest of the family was found dead.

(Also, the Boogeyman is a member of Slipknot.)
Unfortunately, Ethan Hawke doesn’t make it out of that movie alive because Deputy So and So, who puts together the most important part of the pattern of deaths, can’t get in touch with him.

Sinister has some of the usual horror movie stuff, but it also has interesting little touches that you may not initially notice.  It’s put together well, and it has some neat things that make you pay attention to the background, which I always see as a big plus.

The first movie came in at over $18 million with a budget of $3 million, so what does that mean?  Sequel time, you guys!

Where Sinister had those nice touches that I appreciated, Sinister 2 does something that I find very frustrating in any series of films:  it breaks the set of rules in the world it already spent so much time putting together.

Let’s review those rules.


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