The concept of VICE, an action/scifi flick that, if you believe the movie poster, stars Ambyr Childers, Thomas Jane, and Bruce Willis, is an interesting one.  Bruce Willis owns a resort that bears a striking resemblance to a place I visited in the Dominican Republic, except unlike said real life resort, living patrons can do whatever the hell they want to “artificials,” which are presented at first as some sort of genetically-modified android something that still has human emotions.  It isn’t something that hasn’t been touched on in the past in any number of movies, and it’s a little amusing that Bruce Willis is the brain behind this lecherous land of moral ambiguity considering his part in Surrogates.


Still, the film starts to bring up the question of what makes a person human. The film has a lot of potential in this area.  There are conversations between the “doctors” (who are actually engineers) that fix the artificials when they’ve been shot or strangled or stabbed by someone who just felt like going on a killing spree to see what it feels like which bring up questions about the artificials actually being conscious during operations, a phenomenon we sometimes hear about in current medicine.