I was just reminded by Daniel Abraham’s blog that January 31st is the last day to register for this year’s Woldcon. Membership to Worldcon is the requirement for nominating and voting for Hugo awards. You don’t have to go to the con. For $50, you can register as a Supporting Member and still get to nominate and vote in all the Hugo categories. And if you decide later that you do want to go, that $50 will go towards your upgrade to Attending Member.

I would encourage anyone who fell in love with something they read that was published last year to register and nominate. Your vote, especially on the nominating ballot, is important. Only a small number of nominating votes have been needed to actually get on the ballot. I looked at the last 10 years worth of Hugo reports and compiled the minimum number of nominating votes required to make the novel category of the final ballot each year. Check it out:

Award Year        Nominating Votes
2002                      44
2003                      69
2004                      47
2005                      33
2006                      45
2007                      35
2008                      40
2009                      54
2010                      62
2011                      78

It’s really not a large number of people determining who makes up the ballot for this popular award. Nominations aren’t due until March 11th, so if you are like me and still haven’t figured out who all you want to nominate, there is still a bit of time. But only if you register right now.