Thanks to BMW, I was able to see a pre-screening of Mission: Impossible 4.  I will say that I didn’t have very high expectations for the film.  I figured it had been beaten to death already and that Tom Cruise just wanted another excuse to go rock climbing and make money doing it.


I was quite wrong.



This particular Mission: Impossible film is, in my opinion, far more interesting than its last two predecessors – especially MI-2.  The plot feels much less forced, and Simon Pegg comes off less deliberately (and, let’s face it, sometimes obnoxiously) quirky.


Maybe it’s because I didn’t want to subject myself to 2 and 3 again before seeing Ghost Protocol, but I thought this newest incarnation had a much better mixture of unstated “spy stuff” and well-explained missions.  Obviously, there was more going on than was made obvious to the viewer, but it wasn’t distracting, and it made the movie seem less silly than the average “action for the sake of action” flick.  It didn’t try to be epic; it was fun.  Pure fun.  And it had some beautiful scenery to boot.


Product placement note:  the BMW sports car Ethan Hunt uses to careen around town ignoring all traffic laws is sexy.  Incredibly sexy.  Tony Stark Audi RS8 sexy. 


I’m keeping this particular review short because I don’t want to inadvertently reveal too much, but if you just want to watch a fun movie, I definitely recommend it.




 (3.5/5 Chicas)