A few months ago Tor ran a poll asking about the top 10 Science Fiction/Fantasy novels of the last decade. Because they had the time limit on it (2000-2010), they ended up with a really interesting list. You can find the results right here. If you dig a little deeper over there, you can find some crazy data analysis with pretty graphs to tell you more about how that vote went down. It’s pretty interesting.


So  now we’re onto NPR. They polled about 5,000 people to get nominations of the top 100 Science Fiction/Fantasy books. But they’re not just thinking about the last decade; they’re thinking like Kanye West. They want to know the best “OF ALL TIME!”  This is a tall order and I’m glad they’ve only narrowed it down to 100 so far. The nice thing about that is, in some cases, that they’ve included entire series as one book instead of making us pick between Memory and Barrayar. That would just be mean.


The task for us now is to look at that list of 100 and vote for what we think are the 10 greatest books/series of all time.   You can see the entire list and vote right here.  Have fun. It’s not as easy as you think.


Chris Silas Neal
art by Chris Silas Neal, courtesy of NPR


In fact, it was really hard for me. By the time I got down to the Ss, I was getting the mean popup window that said “You can only vote for 10, you moron!” I didn’t even think I was AT 10. I was also rather stunned at the sheer number of seemingly amazing books that I HAVEN’T READ YET!! Yeesh. I have a lot of work to do. It is nice to have them all there in a list.


That being said, I think there are a few missing and a few that maybe shouldn’t be on there. As much as I love Patrick Rothfuss, I hesitate to include his entire (unfinished) Kingkiller Chronicle on there. I would have voted for The Name of the Wind by itself, but I would not have voted for the sequel. I’m also missing Speaker for the Dead by Orson Scott Card. That book is unreal and in my top 5 most amazing books of all time. I’m sad to see it passed over. I was also kind of bummed to miss The Tawny Man trilogy by Robin Hobb. She got her other two trilogies on there, but I find that people seem unreasonably enamored with The Liveship Traders trilogy. That one kind of drove me nuts. But that’s just me. 


There are others on there that I just didn’t have enough votes to vote for. Sheri Tepper’s Grass, and Sunshine by Robin McKinley.  Two excellent books by brilliant female writers. But you know I got the Vorkosigan Saga in there, so I felt a little better.


Anyway, go vote! Here’s the link again. They’ll publish the results on August 11th.