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What Not To Call Michele Bachmann

 Attention, writers of the world: Rep. Bachmann may be an odious waste of skin, but not even that is an excuse to be sexist. I speak of this otherwise excellent article on Republicans’ war on the working class, which nevertheless refers to Bachmann as “shrill”.  Writers, please don’t call women “shrill”.  Or “hysterical”.  Or […]

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NPR’s Science Fiction and Fantasy Poll

 A few months ago Tor ran a poll asking about the top 10 Science Fiction/Fantasy novels of the last decade. Because they had the time limit on it (2000-2010), they ended up with a really interesting list. You can find the results right here. If you dig a little deeper over there, you can […]

Footage from THE DARK KNIGHT RISES in Pittsburgh

 FOR ALL BAT FANS! This is just a dream come true, and  the geek in me is just busting! We get to see Bane and The Dark knight fight it out in a winter wonderland. According to rumors going around, this is a scene where Bane releases all the inmates of Arkahm — following the […]

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