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The field of electronic music expands daily with technological advancements. Women are entering this formerly male-dominated field in greater numbers. A convergence of social media and social empowerment may be the reason, but for whatever reason, they are proving to be a potent addition to it.


All one has to do is look at the most interesting social media music happenings on the web, beyond Lady Gaga, to see how their impact is being known.


Imogen Heap, for instance, has embraced social media itself for her next album, using Soundcloud as a collaborative platform for her fans to contribute to it. She was recently featured at a TEDGlobal Conference sporting glove controllers and pushing the envelope, using sounds she sampled on the street, and incorporating them live into her compositions.


Cellist Zoe Keating, also on Soundcloud uses looping technology to perform entire string quintets and more. She utilizes, like many in modern electronic music, the Novation Launch Pad controller and live composition software Ableton Live to control MIDI changes, bringing in even more than her beautiful strings to her rich music.


Another expert with the Launch Pad is Laura Escudé, violinist, composer, sound designer, music technologist, and educator. Her pieces are featured in film and she’s worked as Ableton programmer for Cirque du Soleil, and is one of the first Ableton Certified Trainers. Her Pororoca album offers haunting landscapes and much innovation.




I can certainly go on beyond this, as new artists join the genre by the minute and there seems to be no stopping these pioneers. It’s refreshing for me, as an electronic musician, to see them stride onto the landscape with such vision and drive. The field itself is getting more interesting everyday, and DJ’s as well as conventional musicians continue to add more women to their ranks.



Bureaucrat Grade 39 is a blogger and writer, addicted to social media. He’s a musician and composer, working in MIDI and digital multitracking. He’s also a dad, proudly raising a techie.