WB has release the official The Dark Knight Rises teaser trailer, let’s check it out together!! šŸ˜€


[video:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q-Sktgm0aD8 425×344]



What can we take from this teaser? Easy, this is going to be a darker movie, with Bruce Wayne having a damaged psyche after the death of Rachel and Harvey. In a way, you can actually look at TDK as the Joker’s triumph over Batman.


A lot of fan boys were pissed at this teaser because they wanted the whole film to be shown, but let’s be real bitches, they just started shooting the film!!!!


It’s really too early to say what’s going to happen, but surely that won’t stop the fans. Let’s not forget comic-con is around the corner — Will we see how Nolan’s catwoman looks??? We shall see šŸ˜€ In the mean time, let the debate continue here at GC!