Apparently they are to some people.


So in my infinite wisdom, I decided to head to eBay myself and see if this was still going on.  After all, the content behind that link was written June 30, which in Internet time means I might as well be looking at it from the other side of a plexiglass museum exhibit.



  I started out sorting from highest price to lowest just to see if it was getting ridiculous.



Really, Internet?  Really?


Well, nevermind that.  Those are just “Buy It Now” price tags.  Let’s see what auctions are ending soon.



Aw, man…and I was gonna-I mean, that’s more like it, Internet!  Be rational and don’t spend money on things like G+ invites! 


I suppose the availability of invites to Google’s new social blob has caused their value to drop.  Or maybe people have come to their senses about how important it is to be one of the Internet cool kids.


Probably the first.  Either way, it looks like I won’t be making any extra cash this weekend. 



Still, the method of Google’s introduction of the thingamajig makes it pretty clear that the way to sell things to the Internet as a whole is to use the Eric Cartman method of marketing – “So much to do at Cartmanland, but you can’t come!  Especially you, Stan and Kyle.”