You may have heard about the upcoming (and unnecessary) Fright Night remake.  I say unnecessary because, well… Fright Night was a campy horror/comedy classic. The promos for the remake appear to be playing it totally straight horror, though.  It may just be the trick of the trailer. You decide:



[video: 425×344]


Hmm. On the one hand, vampires are hot right now. On the other, scary vampires are NOT hot right now. Now is the time of the sparkly, boy band, My-Little-Ponies-with-fangs vampires. 


 My Little Pony Vampire

(You thought I was kidding, didn’t you?)


The original was saved from the ick by humor (and by Roddy McDowell and Chris Sarandon being funny/campy and serious by turns). This one might be saved by-



Wait, what was I saying again? Oh, yeah. This new Fright Night has Anton Yelchin as teen protagonist Charlie Brewster, Colin Ferrell as Jerry Dandridge, the vampire (I buy him as scary and menacing because he’s always creeped me out a little. It’s the eyebrows, man),  and DAVID TENNANT as Peter Vincent (Roddy McDowell’s character in the original).




David Tennant is a very fine actor. (So is Colin Ferrell, for that matter. *shudder* If you’re into that sort of thing.) I mean, Tennant’s Hamlet was awesome, and he made an absolutely indelible Doctor in Doctor Who. TruFax.


That said, the rest of this post is mostly eye candy and carnal squee, because I want to and I can. Collected promotional images from Fright Night (2011) below the cut.



This is how David’s character looks on stage. (When Roddy played the same character, he was the host of a late night horror movie show. In the remake he looks more like… some sort of Vegas performer or something? I’m not entirely sure.)

Vincent promo


My first thought was that you really have to squint to see DT under all that. My second thought was…

wig and all


There was a second thought. I think it was something like “hominahominahywah” with a whimper thrown in for emphasis. The wig is a bit much, but he’s rocking that guyliner and leather. LEATHER. (Yes, I perv on leather. Sue me.  It’s durable. (Always a plus.) I like the smell. And the way it creaks when you move. It’s a multi-sensory perv.)

The next one is big, and really not my thing at all, except for the fact that you can almost make out his actual features (intense eyes, lovely nose, pouted lower liii…Sorry. Got lost in my happy place), and there’s a bit of chest. (To be honest, it was never his physicality that was the draw for me, though he is remarkably thin and I do like the string beans. Generally, if a man is built like a stick bug, I look twice.)

the what, now?


The last one is obviously a screen grab from the trailer, but I’ll take it:


I wish they had more DT in the trailers. He is one of the few actors I would brave the wilds of Colin Farrell’s eyebrows for. (I kid. After In Bruges I’ve more or less managed to watch him without nightmares ensuing. He’s a good actor, and totally NOT miscast as Creepy Vampire Dude.)


Rumor has it that the PTB took notice of Mr. Tennant during filming, so this may be the start of him actually getting some broader US recognition and something like the level of filthy stinking rich he deserves. I hope so.


 In any case, I’m going to see this on the big screen, if for nothing more than to look up in the dark and see acres of David Tennant lit up above me.


Yes, I’m shallow. I’d bet my giant, gleaming incisors that this movie will be, too.  ButI’m so there.