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First Class: Not a Reboot

The hip thing to do with comic movies now seems to be the reboot. They’re doing it with the Superman and Spiderman universes, in spite of the very recent and successful movies previously made. The theme seems to be, new producers and directors = reboot comic book movie franchise.   […]

A Novel Approach

 Recently there has been a lot of discussion of the suppression of women’s writing in SF with plenty of reactionary response, interesting perspectives, data light discussions, and at least one review website. There are way more conversations going on right now than those few links; I’m simply playing favorites. It’s all interesting […]

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One of us! One of us!

Californian Alyssa Campanella describes herself as “a huge history geek”, with particular interest in Tudor and Stuart England (my sister would LOVE her), and “a science geek”. (In fact, she was one of exactly two contestants to unequivocally support teaching science in science classes.)  She watches “Game of Thrones” and […]

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Fright Night Remake – Unnecessary But Anticipated

 You may have heard about the upcoming (and unnecessary) Fright Night remake.  I say unnecessary because, well… Fright Night was a campy horror/comedy classic. The promos for the remake appear to be playing it totally straight horror, though.  It may just be the trick of the trailer. You decide:     Hmm. On the one hand, vampires are hot right now. On the other, scary vampires are NOT hot right now. Now is the time of the sparkly, boy band, My-Little-Ponies-with-fangs vampires.    (You thought I was kidding, didn’t you?) The original was saved from the ick by humor (and by Roddy McDowell and Chris Sarandon being funny/campy and serious by turns). This one might be saved by- Wait, what was I saying again? Oh, yeah. This new Fright Night has Anton Yelchin as teen protagonist Charlie Brewster, Colin Ferrell as Jerry Dandridge, the vampire (I buy him as scary and menacing because he’s always creeped me out a little. It’s the eyebrows, man),  and DAVID TENNANT as Peter Vincent (Roddy McDowell’s character in the original). DAVID-FREAKING-TENNANT, Y’ALL!!! In guyliner.   David Tennant is a very fine actor. (So is Colin Ferrell, for that matter. *shudder* If you’re into that sort of thing.) I mean, Tennant’s Hamlet was awesome, and he made an absolutely indelible Doctor in Doctor Who. TruFax. That said, the rest of this post is mostly eye candy and carnal squee, because I want to and I can. Collected promotional images from Fright Night (2011) below the cut.   […]

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Hollywood’s Idea of Geek Girls: Awkward But Gorgeous

 While I’m pleased to see an LA Times article on the increasing number of geek-coded female characters in mainstream TV, I still balk at the twin swords of fail on display: 1. the tired old presentation of geeks as “twitchy, socially awkward, hyper-passionate” and “basement dwellers”; and  2. the notion that geeky women (who, the […]

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