Bat fans were treated to a the first look at Tom Hardy as Bane via a viral marketing game at and the response has been epic. Fans who were crying and calling Nolan’s choice just God awful have turned a quick 360 into the dark side.





I myself (a huge bat fanatic) was hoping to see where Nolan intended to go with Bane. After seeing this photo of Tom Hardy, my mind is at ease, and, dare I say it, I think I might have a theory on where Nolan might be taking this series. That’s right my GeekaChicas readers! You know when it comes to adding my own two cents, I’m not scared to try to shine some light on the Batman film, if you need proof just check my articles from way back and you’d see that. So, win or lose, sit back and enjoy the ride.




( The Bane Complex )


I’ve been on the message boards and fan sites, and everyone is saying, “We want Bane on the venom juice!” For you non Bat fans ( hisss.. ) Bane in the comics is a massive towering man of muscles and drug-enhanced abilities. He has a tube in the back of his head that shoots the drug “Venom” into his body, making him faster, stronger and a tad insane.





Now via the shot we’ve got, there are not going to be any tubes running down Mr. Hardy in this movie, which has fans coming with more theories about how the venom will be induced. This is where I come in, and many Bat fans are going to cry and call me a fool when I say this, but here goes: BANE WON’T BE USING ANY VENOM OR DRUGS!!!!!!!!


First of all, it’s too easy. That’s like Nolan not even trying to reinvent the character as he promised he would. If he had wanted to, he could have blamed the Joker’s madness on falling into a vat of chemicals, or Harvey Dent going insane because of some acid being tossed in his face.


What Nolan loves doing is giving his characters deeper psychological issues. The Joker madness either stems from child abuse or just a man that life pushed into insanity. Harvey Dent lost the one he loved and instead of coming to terms with her death, he put the blame on the two men he counted on to save her. There’s no easy route when it comes to the Nolan world, when he reinvents a character he really digs deep.


My theory is that Bane will share an almost identical childhood to Bruce, only with more bloodshed. We all know they were filming in India, where we treated to the first leaked photos that people claim to be the Lazarus Pit. I have another theory — that the green screen could be made into the hole or cave where we first see Bane as a child. Just like Bruce in Batman Begins, his fall into that hole set his course in life.


Josh Pence is playing Young Raz Al Ghul in a flashback, which means Raz may have saved the boy from death, but seeing the madness and fear in his eyes, he sought to create his own personal killing machine. A needed tool the League Of Shadows seek, by turning his hate, sadness and vengeance into his own personal Venom. Because we all know, a wounded soul can be 100x more powerful than any drug.


Now I want to shine some light on the question that might popping into your head: If he’s not using the venom then why have the mask? That’s an easy one to answer. Let me ask you a question– why does Batman wear his mask? To strike fear into the hearts of villains. Also, it was Bruce’s need for justice and the image of his dead mother and father that fueled his need to don the mask and kick the crap out of the thugs in Gotham.


Bane’s quest may be to conquer a fear or a calling, and I have proof to back it up, remember in the comic Knightfall Bane is haunted since childhood by this Demonic Bat in his dreams, and once he hears about the Batman, it occurs to him to go to Gotham to carry out his destiny and become the new symbol of fear.


You can order the book at your local Library or check it out on Wikipedia!

(Bane’s Backstory)



Another tidbit of news is that Chris Ellis is playing a priest in TDKR. For all of you who haven’t read KnightFall, Bane was educated by a Priest whom he ends up killing when he heads back home. Could this Priest be connected to Bane, or is this just a small role that won’t have anything to do with the overall plot?


The one thing I’ve learn from Nolan is that he takes what’s good from the comics and brings it to life. He took Harvey’s fatal fall from grace with the acid and revamped it to make it more human. He won’t follow one comic to base this movie on — he mixed a three comics into one bowl in The Dark Knight  ( The Killing Joke, The Long Halloween and Batman 1940’s comics ). I believe in my heart that we won’t be seeing Bane juice up in this film. I could be wrong, this is of course my own two cents and not any  ground breaking news I’ve heard. But we’ll if I’m right as we head into June. 


Thus ends the 1st part of breaking down The Dark Knight Rises! Let the talk begin, let me know what you think of my theory on twitter via #geekachicas hash tag or in the comments below.