What do we have here? Yes, TDKR is shooting in India and it’s wrapping up on May 7th. With it came new photos “rumored”  off the set. A lot of fan boys are up in arms in with these photos, saying “Nolan has killed the franchise” because this photo is allegedly the  “Lazarus Pit” or the “fountain of youth” that Ra’s Al Ghul takes a dip in to stay immortal forever!


Speaking from a creative mind, there’s no way Nolan would go supernatural on us. Could this be used another way? Of course, let’s not forget newcomer Josh Pence is playing Young Ra’s Al Ghul. This could be the league of shadows messing with Batman, or this could be just a flash back. But with Bale in India, I think are Dark Knight might be at the edge of his mental peak.


It’s rumored that we’ll have breaking news about TDKR out this May — hopefully I’ll be able to pass the news to you soon.  In the mean time, put in your two cents. Would you be in favor the Ra’s Al Ghul being immortal or do you think this photo is 100% BS?