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Absolutely the last note on Hobbit casting*

 * until the next one. In the “interesting, but not news to me” category, people from the LOTR movies are reprising their roles for The Hobbit: Orlando Bloom and Hugo Weaving are now officially rejoining Middle Earth.  Yay. On to the newsy news.  They cast Stephen Fry as the Master of Laketown, and I cheered mightily, […]

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Breaking Down: The Dark Knight Rises PT 1 (BANE)

Bat fans were treated to a the first look at Tom Hardy as Bane via a viral marketing game at and the response has been epic. Fans who were crying and calling Nolan’s choice just God awful have turned a quick 360 into the dark side.    I myself (a huge bat fanatic) was hoping […]

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Leviathan Wakes: A Chat with the Authors

 The new novel Leviathan Wakes (first in the Expanse trilogy) has been described as a space opera for its grand, sweeping setting and powerfully emotional content. Set in a distant future world in which humans have colonized Mars and several sizable asteroids, it is a story of conflict on a large scale and personal, human struggle. I caught up with the authors, Daniel Abraham and Ty Franck (who write collectively under the pseudonym James S. A. Corey) via Skype, to talk about the book, their influences and writing process as well as some observations on trends in Urban Fantasy.   These guys are a riot. You’ll see what I mean below the cut.   […]

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    Tween Girl’s Design for a TARDIS Used in “The Doctor’s Wife”

Tween Girl’s Design for a TARDIS Used in “The Doctor’s Wife”

 That’s right! The BBC kids’ show Blue Peter had a contest for their viewers —  send in designs for a TARDIS console to actually be used in an episode of Doctor Who.  Here is the winning design by Susannah Leah, complete with details you may have missed as well as the ones most notable […]

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THE DARK KNIGHT RISES shoots and rumors arise!

 What do we have here? Yes, TDKR is shooting in India and it’s wrapping up on May 7th. With it came new photos “rumored”  off the set. A lot of fan boys are up in arms in with these photos, saying “Nolan has killed the franchise” because this photo is allegedly the  “Lazarus Pit” or the “fountain of youth” that Ra’s […]

First Impressions of THOR (spoiler free)

 The movie is beautiful, visually. I went in IMAX (I had never been before and thought it would be fitting to make my first experience Thor, that said, I found IMAX kind of underwhelming, so I’d say you’re not missing anything seeing it in a regular theater. Or even just in 2D). The 3D wasn’t really necessary, but we all kind of expected that. I will say that it didn’t take anything away from the movie, or make it too dark. It just didn’t contribute anything all that useful outside of the beginning and end titles, which were definitely impressive. And, like I said, Beautiful. Casting was incredible across the board. Chris Hemsworth does not disappoint at ALL as Thor, and Tom Hiddleston makes a perfect Loki. The Frost Giant King Laufey had a perfect gravel-tone, and the way the frost giants in general moved was maybe one of my favorite parts of the visual effects. They really committed with the Frost Giants, and gave us GIANTS, and more than that, they carried themselves with a perfect combination of swagger and weight–not just as if they were simply tall men, but immense men who feel gravity a little bit more than we would. Natalie Portman blushes like I would, if Thor showed up to kiss my hand, and Sif rocked it, underutilized though she may have been. The Warriors Three could not have been more perfectly translated from the pages of the comic to the movie screen, with the same kind of HAM that I loved from them in the comic, Thor: The Mighty Avenger. In fact, I think I felt that way about everything. The translation from comic book to movie was exceptional– I don’t think they could have done a better job bringing it to life, from casting to sets to costumes. I could probably nitpick the design of Bifrost, but that’s more from my impressions of the eddas than it is from my comic book reading, and so useless to this review. […]