Recent (circa 2008) photo of Elisabeth Sladen, arms crossed and smiling at the viewer.

 (photo from the Doctor Who Image Archive)

All the Whos in Whoville are reeling from the sudden loss of actor Elisabeth Sladen, who played the companion, the companion’s companion, Sarah Jane Smith, from 1973 to… well, ever since 1973.


Three of the Doctors she worked with have paid tribute here.  Our own miss_s_b weighed in, in 2009, about her love for The Sarah Jane Adventures, the second spinoff centered around Sladen’s character (and there have only been about 5 spinoffs to date) and one of the best kid’s shows out there.


As for me, I like to think of the Third Doctor (Jon Pertwee, d. 1996), the Brig (Nicholas Courtney, d. 2011), Harry (Ian Marter, d. 1986), and Sarah Jane, now reunited in that Great Big TARDIS In The Sky.  Having adventures.