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Deep thoughts on ebooks from someone who’s owned a Kindle for nearly four months now

 So there was a Kindle under the tree for me–thanks, Dad! First, it’s not going to replace the books I read for pleasure.  Nothing like a new platform to make you realize how you really read, and I’ve discovered that I fairly often flip back in a book while I’m […]

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The Celebrated Pioneer of Electronic Music–And Us

In some pockets of the United States, having an awareness of the world is still celebrated.  Music, language, culture, and learning are brought together to encourage teenagers to put down the XBox and strive to become citizens of the world.  Impossible?  Not at all.  It’s just a matter of enthusiasm and making world cultures […]

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A Tear, Sarah Jane? Elisabeth Sladen 1948-2011

 (photo from the Doctor Who Image Archive)All the Whos in Whoville are reeling from the sudden loss of actor Elisabeth Sladen, who played the companion, the companion’s companion, Sarah Jane Smith, from 1973 to… well, ever since 1973. Three of the Doctors she worked with have paid tribute here.  Our own miss_s_b weighed in, […]

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 I remain convinced that there’s only one of these articles, and whoever’s on the “women discover genre” beat this month does a find-and-replace on the name of the work and the major characters therein.  Here’s this cycle’s example.Attention, reporters: women have been active in science fiction fandom since its inception.  Pretending that women are […]

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Figwit lives!

 Here’s a two-fer for all you Tolkien/”Flight of the Conchords” fans: Bret McKenzie to reprise his role as Figwit the elf in The Hobbit. Nerdy in-jokes FTW!  

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