Only one website provides gruesome pictures of carnage, gratuitously graphic sex, and answers to one of the most troubling questions a Chica might ask  – “What’s That Bug?”  From 2000 to today, Daniel Marlos (also known as “The Bugman”) has been advocating for insects and their invertebrate kin by helping readers identify insects.  Readers from around the world submit pictures of insects, and the tireless bug lovers of What’s That Bug? hunt up answers. 


If you were wondering what that creepy-crawly emerging from the drain might be, What’s That Bug? can tell you.  Insect lovers of all ages will enjoy the wonderful photographs and natural history shared in each Q & A.  Special pages are dedicated to “Bug Love” (mating insects) and “Carnage” (dead bugs).  Always gentle and often humorous, What’s That Bug? encourages an appreciation for all bugs.  Killers of insects might find themselves chided for their brutality, but What’s That Bug? gladly educates in hopes for a more humane future.  They do an excellent job of replying to “Nasty Readers” and provoking a dialogue that promotes the best interests of humans, insects, and the environment.   The following quote demonstrates the beauty of What’s That Bug?‘s passion for insects and their wonderful sense of humor:


Rarely have we been so entirely horrified with a posting that we tag as Unnecessary Carnage.  Generally, we lament the dispatching of a single beneficial or benign creature that has been swatted or stomped, but your letter has taken the term Unnecessary Carnage to an entirely new level.  In your obsession to prevent a benign creature from entering your home, you have exposed yourself, your family, your pets, and the environment to poisons with potentially long term side affects that might not be fully understood.”   from Unnecessary Carnage: Leaffooted Bug Dispatched with a 2 half cans of Insecticide!!!(


If you have a bug that needs identified, or if you want to ogle insects, look no further than What’s That Bug?