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The Flailing Flail of Doctor Who Series Six Flaildom

 I am incoherent with anticipation. All my fannish nit-picky whinging about Eleven and Moffat and this or that detail is temporarily washed away in a torrent of SQUEE. This is why:   Neil Gaiman tweeted about how happy he was to hear Matt Smith say his line, and now I have ridiculously high hopes for the […]

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What’s That Bug?

    Only one website provides gruesome pictures of carnage, gratuitously graphic sex, and answers to one of the most troubling questions a Chica might ask  – “What’s That Bug?”  From 2000 to today, Daniel Marlos (also known as “The Bugman”) has been advocating for insects and their invertebrate kin by helping […]

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A Late Look at Gareth Edwards’ Monster Film Debut

 Monsters, released October 29 2010, wasn’t screened in many theaters, and it didn’t stay for long.  Here, we managed to be tormented by the trailer while never having a chance to check it out on the big screen.  Fortunately, it’s now available on DVD and on Netflix (where it’s also part of the “Watch Instantly” lineup, if you like immediate gratification). The film itself is incredibly interesting.  It was marketed more as an “aliens blow stuff up” kind of film, but that’s not at all what the movie’s like.  “Aliens blow stuff up” generally makes for great background noise while I play online or maybe a nice distraction while I relax with a drink, but Monsters demands all of my attention.     Avoiding spoilers, let me give you a decent idea of the actual premise:  […]

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What’s a Spider’s Favorite Car?

 I came across this fantastic article and just had to share!  Bug Girl is one of my favorite insect bloggers, and these spiders are just amazing.

Mmmm… imaginary coffee.

 Imaginary coffee never makes you stay up all night.  Imaginary lattes have absolutely no fat whatsoever, so be sure to drink them with extra imaginary whipped cream.  Best of all, imaginary coffee helps Kiwis devastated by last month’s earthquake in Christchurch. I do believe I’ll have another imaginary coffee.  ETA: Before you all arch eyebrows […]

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