We got a Superbowl TV spot for Thor a few weeks ago, and now Thursday (Thor’s Day, no less!) night the latest trailer has been unveiled, and it is BEAUTIFUL.





Keep an eye out for Thor movie toys to hit shelves in March. (At least that’s what I hear on the street! and I even saw an image that may or may not have been from toyfair for a SIF action figure, which if it isn’t so short-shipped we never see it in stores, would be AWESOME.)


My feelings under the cut along with the Superbowl Spot!


On the one hand, I’m still not entirely sold on the Australian accent, but we’ll see what the other gods sound like when the movie hits. Natalie Portman’s face when she tells the nurse at the desk what his name supposedly is was PRICELESS. Also, I will happily pay money to see a confused Thor getting tasered. Just so we’re all clear on that situation.


The Superbowl Spot:


[video:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hYayd9uy9VY 425×344]