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The Beatles as boy band (Or, Preteen Girls Vindicated!)

 Up on the always-excellent retro-future blog Modern Mechanix is this 1964 article on the Beatles.  From our perch in the present, where the Fab Four bestride the twentieth century musical world like mighty Colossuses Colossii giants, there’s a definite alternate-world quality to this article, which argues that the Beatles are […]

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Hexapod Haiku Poetry Contest

The Insect Museum of the North Carolina State University wants your poetry!  Its 4th annual Hexapod Haiku Challenge is now taking submissions until the first day of spring (March 20th).  Organizers of the contest “encourage people to think about the myriad ways insects …interact with their environments and other organisms….” by writing poems.  Haiku, […]

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Jesse’s Angry “The Middle East”

 ( As with any political opinion piece, the following article may not represent the beliefs and opinions of all of us here at GeekaChicas. We are committed to the freedom to express our pinions and to the open discussion of these important topics. We encourage all GCs to speak their minds, and accept the […]

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About All This Mythology: An Open Letter to Storytellers

 Dear Hollywood, Authors, and Artists:Greek Myth is experiencing a resurgence in pop-culture these days, and I couldn’t be happier about it– or indeed the resurgence of ANY mythology back into the spotlight. It’s a great way to explore a different culture and our world history. Congratulations on being part of bringing it back into […]

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Lots of Thor!

 We got a Superbowl TV spot for Thor a few weeks ago, and now Thursday (Thor’s Day, no less!) night the latest trailer has been unveiled, and it is BEAUTIFUL.     Keep an eye out for Thor movie toys to hit shelves in March. (At least that’s what I hear on the street! and I even saw an image that may or may not have been from toyfair for a SIF action figure, which if it isn’t so short-shipped we never see it in stores, would be AWESOME.) My feelings under the cut along with the Superbowl Spot! […]

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Advances in human-technology relations: Naming our GPSes

There’s a letter in the LA Times today from someone who’s named her car’s GPS “Agnes”.  This struck a chord with me, because I’ve noticed, for some time now, that a LOT of people seem to be naming that talking box in the car.  My parents call theirs “Henrietta”. So, […]

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Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

 Here’s a video to warm the cockles of any Geek’s heart. Or at least make ’em giggle. 

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Some Awesome Videos by Geek Femmes

 In teh various realms of Geekdom, Geek Femmes are often overlooked (though always present). There are some awesome things out there created by women, and here are a few of them. Feel free to share your own finds in the comments! A snappy earworm by meekakitty:    And the first YouTube music video by Singer/Song writer […]

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25 years after Challenger

On Janaury 28, 1986, the Space Shuttle Challenger exploded shortly after takeoff.  All aboard were killed.   One of the astronauts was Christa McAuliffe, the first teacher in space. I, in second grade at the time, was in the exact demographic the teacher-in-space program was targeting, so I’d heard quite a bit […]

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