A couple of days another leaked script of THE DARK KNIGHT RISES hit the net, this one claiming to be the actual script written by Jonathan Nolan and Goyer on November 10, 2010. The details of the script has characters like Black Mask, a mash up of Edward Nigma and Hugo Strange ( creating Edward Nashton) and Talia Al Ghul appearing in the film. Though Talia is only in the film for one scene!

Now, I refused to even acknowledge this as the truth, and it’s not. The leaked script is purely written by a Batman fanatic. How can I be sure, well, the script has enough spelling errors and lack luster lines that can only be describe as an inspiring film maker/ fan boy in need of a spell checker. Another big sign that the film is fake, is the Edward Nigma and Hugo Strange cross breeding. Nolan respects the mythology of Batman that he would never disrespect the franchise in that way, when he said NO RIDDLER, he meant in any forum. Edward Nashton ( for you a big batman geeks ) , is an alias used by the Riddler, which also made  an appearance in the viral marketing in 2008. This fan boy just went out as far as he could to make this script feel real. Sadly, he failed. The script has so many characters piled on that it feels like an overload of BS.

Though sites like COMICBOOKMOVIE.com were eager to jump on the news right away , I decide not to buy into the hype, and it paid off. I have a rule, if Comicbookmovie.com  breaks it first, then you know it’s a fake. Sorry, not a fan of the site that offers nothing but bad rumor after rumor, they’re like IMBD of blogging sites.

But, still a lot of fans refuse to drop this. And with a new photo of Tom Hardy surfacing with a new hair term, a lot of fan boys/girls are ready to call it like the 2000 Election, Tom Hardy is playing Hugo Strange… even though it’s been said by Batman-On-Film that he will not be playing Hugo Strange by a well known source.




( CASTING NEWS ) Moving away from the rumors, this next bit of news is looking more solid as days go by, Talia Al Ghul will be one of the characters coming out in the next film AND NOT FOR A CAMEO! ( who the hell would do that ) Because by the list of actress being named, a cameo wouldn’t be damn likely.


List of Actress up for the role


Eva Green   ( rumored for Talia Al Ghul )

Naomi Watts  ( Rumored for Vicki Vale )

Anne Hathaway


Charlotte Riley

Jessica Biel

Keira Knightley


Kate Mara

Eva Green and Namoi Watts are the head runners for the roles, word going down the wire is that the rest of actress are back up plans in case they deiced to drop out. Vikki Vale to me seems like a huge reach… Though many people and I for one, are ready to stamp Talia Al Ghul as the real deal. Expect her to appear in the last epic film in Nolan trilogy and let’s face, with no Two-Face and Joker, she’s the reasonable choice, as I’ve voiced out in the past articles.  

Now with that out of the way, I plan to keep a close eye on the new rumors popping out seeing, how we’re getting closer to filming. Nolan and the team start shooting this May and should have the REAL scripts in hand by March. If anything breaks out, I’ll make sure the GC readers hear it first 😀 till next time, stay safe my friends.