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Indie Q&A With Daisy Harris

 I had the pleasure in doing a Q&A with erotica/romance author Daisy Harris for the site 😀 check her out at and  Q: First question I want to ask you, what got you into the genre of Romance/ Erotica ?  Daisy:  I enjoyed erotica when I was in college, but never read much […]

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A Personal Tribute to Sargent Shriver

 My 95 year-old grandfather died this week. The one I felt most affinity to, the one I looked like most.  The one who loved me unconditionally and was proud of my every move.  And I was not even related to him.  Sargent Shriver, who founded the Peace Corps for John F. Kennedy, died […]


     With the start of a new year, a large portion of the population steps up to make grand statements about all the mass changes it will make in the coming months.  From weight loss to better budgeting to stopping smoking and everything in between, we make grandiose plans to change our lives and […]

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Anne Hathaway joins THE DARK KNIGHT RISES Purr-fect!

 I told my fellow Geekachicas that the latest scripts of The Dark Knight Rises were fake, and I was right. Because today Nolan shocked fan boys around the world with his announcement. Today he has confirmed that Anne Hathaway is joining the cast and will be playing Batman’s jewel thief Selina Kylie a.k.a Catwoman. […]

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Five great youtube vids!

So, I wanted to share my  top 5 vidz on youtube with you fellow GC readers  First up is   JESUS WILL SURVIVE!!!    2nd is an old fan made video of Half Life created by the Purchase brothers called ” Escape from city 17 ” ( warning some violence )  3rd  this next one has to be greatest […]

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The Best Books of the Decade at

 There’s a great reader poll over at that’s been floating around this week.  The question is, what do WE think are the best Science Fiction/Fantasy books to be published in the last decade? (2000-2010 and yes, they know that’s 11 years.)   To get our votes counted we have to comment on the blog […]

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The Dark Knight Rises rumor leaked script & Casting News

  A couple of days another leaked script of THE DARK KNIGHT RISES hit the net, this one claiming to be the actual script written by Jonathan Nolan and Goyer on November 10, 2010. The details of the script has characters like Black Mask, a mash up of Edward Nigma and Hugo Strange ( creating […]

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New Year’s Benediction

 I shared this on my private journal and in other places, but I didn’t think to share it here. My Bad.     All right, GeekaChicas, Let’s surprise ourselves this year!

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The Doctor Says Hello Christmas, Goodbye Geronimo

On Christmas Day, geeks all over the world crowd around their television sets and computers to watch the Doctor Who Christmas special. Some see it as it airs; others find it online, eagerly watching their download bars progress, pixel by pixel. Some years, the special is a disappointment (*cough* The End of Time *cough*). […]

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