It’s that time of year when people take a look back, and since statistics are near and dear to my geeky little heart, it seemed appropriate to share a few of them, in traditional list form. This listing was arrived at through a combination of individual statistical hits and the interest of readers based on comments and sharing. (To read other other articles by the Chicas in question, simply click on their names for the complete list)


The Top Ten Most Popular GC Aricles of 2010:


10. One of the many reasons Sesame Street is Awesome by Pearce 

This amazingly cute little video warmed the cockles of our Star Trek loving hearts.


9. Fairy Godmother by Jessenovels

This Halloween Treat carried on the GC tradition of Geek-a-Boo original fiction and sparked some controversy and discussion. Good times.


8.  A Play Within a Film: Hamlet on DVD by Beatrice Blythe

This detailed and exciting read is all about the Tennant/Stewart Hamlet that finally made its way to Region 1 DVD this year. Lovely work, and BB makes a compelling case for snatching it up. It certainly persuaded me.


7. There’s a Fluffy Bunny in Need, and You Can Help by UberWench

You may recall the story of one of our own who needed an operation. You may not realize how well this particular story worked out. Fluffy’s cause was taken up by beloved genre writers such as Elizabeth Bear and Sarah Monette (who auctioned ARCs and out-of print editions editions of their books to help raise money) and many other artists pitched in, auctioning jewelry and other items. Enough money was raised to pay the up-front portion needed for the surgery  to proceed, and she is fully recovered and doing well. It just goes to show that when we Geek Femmes work together, stuff gets DONE. You guys ROCK.


6.  The Chica’s Guide to Comic-Con: Year 2: The Sequelling by Nightsky

Kudos to Nightsky for this super-useful and detailed guide to Comi-Con! A lot of us found this guide really handy, and look forward to Nightsky’s future con guides and con reports. She always gets right to the heart of the thing.


5. Will Someone Please Repo the Repo Men? by Pearce

Pearce explains that Repo Men is a big budget repackaging of Repo! The Genetic Opera  and why that is redundant. Repo! is, of course, a cult classic, and Pearce explains why that is. But don’t take our word for it.


4. Superman: Red Son by Amalia the Savage

Our resident Comics aficionado reviewed Red Son, a fabulous graphic novel exploring what might have happened had the wee Cryptonian landed in Communist Russia.


3. I’m Confused by Pearce

This little gem is one part review of Iron Man 2 and three parts business geek digression and rant about vaguely picturesque references to OCD-like tendencies in the film.  That might sound confusing, but it is actually pretty awesome, and sparked quite a bit of discussion both inside and outside of GC.


2.  Dollhouse: Did I fall Asleep? and From the Mailbag: A Dissenting Opinion on Dollhouse by UberWench

I put these two together because they are closely linked and they got huge bumps for the same reason – Joss Whedon’s fanbase discovered them. They also wanted to talk about Dollhouse, which I really enjoyed. Basically, I said the first several episodes were thin and not very interesting, but the show turned out to be awesome for those who held their noses and kept watching. Spirited discussion ensued.




1. Doctors with Dalek Bumps: Femme Doctors by Nightsky

This was the big hit for us for the year, knocking all other comers out the box! The topic is cutting edge, of particular interest to Geek Femmes and was actually linked to in an article posted on The Guardian’s website. WooHOO! There were also some great pictures and many, many links to blogs and other media exploring this interesting trend. The hits just keep in coming! 


Special Honors for a Late-Blooming Article goes to Inkheart :One for the Readers by Sweet Clementine

This article was written and posted in 2009, and so was not eligible for this list. HOWEVER, it has consistently gotten hits ever since it was published, and is now the single highest rated article by hit-count alone. It’s the little article that could! Congratulations!