Not much of substance can be said about this film because….well, let’s be honest; it doesn’t have much substance as far as film snobs are concerned.



In general, I’m a critic of films made and released in 3D because it seems as though the only purpose of the technology is  to make things jump out at the faces of audience members.  The movies I’ve liked that have been in 3D have usually been made so in post-production stages, meaning that the touches are far more about aesthetics and less about “Look!  Look!  It’s like it’s gonna hit you!”


Tron:  Legacy actually uses 3D in a manner that contributes to the film.  I’d have to re-watch it in 2D to be sure, but I don’t think I’d be nearly as fascinated by the Grid if I did so.


The whole world is essentially digital anyway, so hey!  Why not make it even more intensive?  It’s great.  It makes for better eye candy.





It also makes Obi Wan Jeff Bridges’ “For the love of all things holy, put down the bong” moments far more tolerable.  Because oh, when those moments happen, it feels like they go on forever.


Another interesting use of technology – the age-altering of Jeff Bridges.  After all, we’ve got OWJB, and we’ve got Clu, who was made in OWJB’s image but doesn’t age.  And they get to be in the same room a lot.  Very cool!


Throw in an awesome crystalline nightclub/crazy man with a cane scene, Daft Punk, and the line “Electrify the boys and girls!” and you’ve got yourself one happy, easily-amused moviegoer.  I mean, seriously, it’s like Lady Gaga’s dad decided to show up and give us a show.  That would be (Carter Pewterschmidt moment)  suhweet!  (/Carter Pewterschmidt moment)


The storyline of the original Tron was expanded upon with enough surrounding information that those who haven’t seen it can still appreciate Tron:  Legacy.  At the same time, for those who did love the first one, it offers a pretty interesting new dimension and additional chapter.


I’m not going to say the movie is earth-shattering, or anything along those lines, but it’s fun to look at.  And in the end, in my mind, that’s just what this movie was made to do. 


Give the Users neat things created with technology upon which to gaze.