My friends, we have the first Thor poster AND we have a description of the teaser coming to theaters with the latest NARNIA installment!


Not only are we getting the Thor teaser in theaters, we’re getting it in 3-D, thanks to Disney’s choice to buy back the distribution rights for the Thor movie from Paramount. If you weren’t thankful for the Disney buy out of Marvel before, you have reason to give thanks now. Putting Thor in front of Narnia is a great move, in my opinion. Narnia is an all ages flick, without a real gender bias. If they want to attract the women to Thor, this is their best chance!


For more information, head over to  And don’t worry– if you can’t make it to see Narnia, the trailer is going to be released online Friday, Dec. 10th, too! My sources say to look for it on Yahoo around 7pm Eastern!