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GeekaChicas’ Top Ten Articles of 2010

 It’s that time of year when people take a look back, and since statistics are near and dear to my geeky little heart, it seemed appropriate to share a few of them, in traditional list form. This listing was arrived at through a combination of individual statistical hits and the interest of readers based […]

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“Slay Ride” — A Christmas Tale

 What happens at the North Pole when the elves are dead, Santa is sick, and Judy Claus is stuck for solutions?  I wrote this story in 2009 for a horror-themed holiday fiction contest, and it got as far as to be one of the finalists.  Enjoy!  Under normal circumstances, the person who answered the front […]

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Sol Invictus!

 Happy midwinter celebration!  The days start getting longer now. To celebrate, here’s a couple of prezzies for all you lovely people. First is this gallery of Soviet Christmas cards, replete with Santas on rocket ships.   Yes, I thought you might approve.           Second is a Christmas tradition I never get tired of: the Lay of Rudolf Tundra-Wanderer, […]

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Tron: Eyecandy

 Not much of substance can be said about this film because….well, let’s be honest; it doesn’t have much substance as far as film snobs are concerned.  In general, I’m a critic of films made and released in 3D because it seems as though the only purpose of the technology is  to make things jump out at the faces of audience members.  The movies I’ve liked that have been in 3D have usually been made so in post-production stages, meaning that the touches are far more about aesthetics and less about “Look!  Look!  It’s like it’s gonna hit you!” Tron:  Legacy actually uses 3D in a manner that contributes to the film.  I’d have to re-watch it in 2D to be sure, but I don’t think I’d be nearly as fascinated by the Grid if I did so. The whole world is essentially digital anyway, so hey!  Why not make it even more intensive?  It’s great.  It makes for better eye candy.  […]

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Wisdom from The Saga Of The Volsungs

 I thought today I’d share some words of wisdom, gleaned from The Saga of the Volsungs, translated by Jesse L. Byock. Brynhild especially has some very interesting things to say when considered in a more modern context. There’s a whole chapter devoted to her wise counsel to Sigurd, in fact. Some of my favorites:Don’t pick fights with mobs.Don’t lose sleep over random women met at parties, and certainly don’t have affairs with strange women.Definitely don’t argue with drunks! At best it’s futile, and at worst it’s deadly.Don’t make promises you can’t keep, or that you have no intention of keeping.Don’t provoke your in-laws, if at all possible stay on their good side.You can’t trust any man if you’re responsible for the death of his family.  And finally: Never trust a woman to keep her promises. […]

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 Conventional wisdom has it that Christmas 2010 is going to be the Christmas of the E-Reader.  It’s certainly the case in my own family: Mom has requested a Kindle, and Dad has hinted that there may be other Kindles under the tree.  With Amazon’s* new offering at the tantalizing price point of $139 for […]

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 Recently I went to a science talk about chocolate–how it’s made, its chemistry, its health effects, etc. This was an informal talk held in a local pub, so I got to munch on fish & chips at the same time!  The speaker was a scientists who works for Theo Chocolate, a Seattle company that makes […]

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  We’ve been hit by the  major rumor mill storm these past weeks. First it was the rumor of The Joker coming back in THE DARK KNIGHT RISES with Heath Ledger! That’s right, it seems WB wanted to CGI the late actor into the movie so he could have a small cameo, that news is […]

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Rudolph the Regular Reindeer

  Once again, the College Humor folks hit one out of the park. This is an interesting send-up of the original and an indictment of enforced homogeneity at the same time. Plus, it’s awesome.  See more funny videos and funny pictures at CollegeHumor.

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    Geek Chic for your Tree – 3 Geeky Christmas Ornaments Everyone Can Make

Geek Chic for your Tree – 3 Geeky Christmas Ornaments Everyone Can Make

 In my quest for the perfect kid-safe Christmas tree ornaments this year, I purchased cardboard balls, hang tags, plush sheep, and even a felted matrioshka doll for our potted pine. Here are our top picks for bringing a little geek chic to your tree, ready in even less time than it takes to set […]

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